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in 2013 


Jl our {^lasshook 

A Saga of the Wakefield High School, 
Wakefield, Massachusetts 

presented by 

1 lie V^la>ss ol ^ ineteen J orty>-nine 

Table of Contents 


I. Foreword 4 

li. Dedication 7 

III. We Hit the Trail 6 

IV. Rolling Along 14 

V. Encampment 20 

VI. Staking Claims 38 

VII. We Strike Gold! 52 

VIII. Index of Advertisers 121 

IX. Acknowledgments 1 39 

X. Autographs 140 

Page Two 

Page Three 


Well, Partners, our journey's end approaches. 
We have staked our claim, and now we shall put 
our hard-earned bonanza to work for us. It was 
a long journey, one that taught us much, and one 
that held many intervals of pleasure for us. In 
order that you may remember your prospecting days 
in future years, we present to you a chronicle of 
our adventures together as the Forty-Niners. 

Chief Prospectors: Edward Cook 

Barbara DeRocher 

Page Four 


& Mtmng Co. 


Eactt fAcmbcT musi^ ha-ve coinjyU-teS 
his class actxvi^M pat^menis, and ail 
will have canal rioh^s andjyriviUqes. 

Bern/ce L.Caswzll, acent 


We Hit the Trail 

Septembf.r 8, 194S 

Gold! Gold! Gold! The sun was shining hrightl\- as we hit the trail. .Man>- 
tenderfeet who were unaccustomed to our vehicles searched intently for a ladder. 
Wagon .Master Kinder interviewed manv green prospectors who fell out of line, 
and he briefed them on the purpose of our trip. The day became cloud v toward 
noon for some bewildered tra\ellers who were tempted to encamp until the\- found 
their bearings. 

September 30, 1045 

Everyone is now accustomed to our covered wagons, although Trapper Kenney 
has discovered some adventure-seekers slipping behintl the train and trying some 
new trails. 

October 20, 1Q45 

There had been no accidents until today when Phyl D'Entremont's wagon 
wheel fell off, and Nurse English had to repair the damage. 

November 12, 1045 

Our first snowfall detained us for one day. When the sun appeared the next 
morning, everyone wanted to e.xperiment with snowballs, but Wagon Master 
Kinder issued a proclamation that no further time could be wasted, for we must 
continue on our journev to stake our claims. 

December 5, 1045 

We have made very good time since we ha\e had \erv little trouble with the 
Indians. Sharpshooter Fisher has been successful in protecting the train from 

December 2?, 1045 

Everyone is making plans for Ghristmas, and carols are floating throughout 
the wagon train. Ghief Prospector Bair is planning to have a party on Christmas 
Eve while we are encamped. Gold Surveyor Fulton will have charge of the music 
and song feats. 

JANU.ARY 4, 1946 

We have covered 1,945 miles up to date. The X'igilantes, Kupiec and Ball, 
have kept track of the number of hours we ha\e been dela\etl during these months. 
We have added some new members to our trek since we started, and lhi'\ lia\e 
been ama/ed at the spirit which alwa\s prevails. 

I'lrst Prospector, Jean Connolly 

Page Six 


In Appreciation 

We, the Class of Nineteen Fort\-Nine, respectfull}- dedicate our (^lassbook 
to our friendly Superintendent, Carl M. Bair, Jr., who, in a short time, has gained 
the admiration of the entire student body for his efforts in our behalf. 

Page Seven 



Page Eight 



Page Nine 




Front Kow. Left to Right: Donald White, Gerald Barry, Lueian 

Back Row. Left to Rigrht: William Healey, James Walsh. 

Thomas Murray. 


Front Row, Left to Right: Morton Sherman, Katherlne Nichols, 

Earle Crompton. Raymond Dower. 
Back Row. Left to Right: Antonio Ceddia, James Walsh, Luclan 

Colucci, Thomas Kenney. 



. ilFfWa 

^K» IH^^^^^^^hH|S 




^7 *" '^ ^^^^^^1 


Hm^ 1 ^-" u^^^l 


WfJ J : ^^H 


Front Row, Left to Rlffht: Louis Marche, Isabel Hirst, Ann 

Meservf. , ^ „ ■ 

Back Row, I,eft to Right: Morton Sherman, Joseph Fanck. 


Front Row, Left to Rieht: Harold Staunton. Eleanor Abbott, 
Bernice Caswell, Elizabeth Upbam, I.ucian Colucci. 

Back Row, Left to Right: Louise Sheldon, Constance Doyle, 
Christine Callan, Zelda MacKenzie, Ruth Conlejr, Harriet 


Front Row. Left to Right: Anthony Hennessey, Marjorie Bunker, 

Janet Height. Maurice Dwyer, Jr. 
Back Row, Left to Right: Antonio Ceddia. .lames Walsh. 


"•' r^ 

■■IKii^^i,iMH , 



^Hk p 


■ ^i^ 


^BNA-^BhaKT ^"wr jmt^m 

^^^^^^^^^^H i ' ^KttB^ r/^^^^9[ \ \. ^!S^Hn^9^^^^^^^^H 

^^^■MS^I^^4L.fll ^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^H V - '^^^^^y^^L J ^Hb|^^^^h^^^^h|h^^h|^H 





Front Row, Left to Right: Harold Staunton, Ellen Cowing, 

Lucian Colucci. 
Back Row. I^ft to Right: Etheiyn Pattee, Alice Mason. 


Front Row, Left to Right: Walter Antunes. Myron Gallop, 

Joseph Cassano. 
Back B<iw, Left to Bight: James Walsh. Francis Sbeehan. 


Front Row, L«ft to Rig^t: Alice Ladiea. Raymond Dower, 

Florence Clifford. 
Back Row, Left to Bight: Margaret Macdonald, Antonio Ceddia, 

Ruth Hi^tt. 

Elvira Carothers Cosnian 

May 18, 1948 

Esteemed Teacher — Loyal Friend 

Page Twelve 

Page Thirteen 

Rolling Along 

Monday, October 14, 1946 

This morning the weather was fine and pleasant, and we traveled ten miles 
over a rolling prairie country. During one of the stops, David Gibbons skipped 
history class and went buffalo hunting with Sharpshooter Cassano. Gibbons 
ended his da\- with writer's cramp after copying the Constitution of the United 

Tuesday, October 15, 1946 

Early today as we were following the dusty trail, a displeasing scent arose 
from one of the wagons. After realizing the cause, Fire Chief Gallop and assistant 
Roy Serrentino fumigated the wagon. As one might expect, Fred Sias was experi- 
menting in the chemical laboratory. 

Wednesday, October 16, 1946 

The weather was torrid and dry. As our caravan stretched out across the 
dusty Moulton Desert, a band of Quannapowitt Indians attacked us. Our Barbara 
Walsh quickly drove them away. Her tactics for fighting were >imilar to those 
used in dashing to and from her gym classes. 

Thursday, (^ctobhr 17, l'^46 

Ck'tting a good ^tart, we traveled thirteen miles o\er a sand\ , barren couiUr\-. 
This afternoon a herd of freshmen buffalo galloped by. Wagonhound {Roberts 
shot two stragglers with his spitballs. Since the animals were too \oung and ten- 
der, their hides didn't make very good leather. 

Friday, October IcS, 1946 

We lost eight miles today. 1 lead Coachman, John 1 lerlihy, got so busy with 
his rhetorical that he missed a landmark; consec]uentl>' we found ourselves mired 
in a muddy river bank. .Mthough the underclassmen got in our way, we managed 
to dig our caravan out of the mud. .\fter we had found our trail again, we rolled 
along smoothly. 

Second Prospector, James Ri/za 

l^ige I (iLirtc'i'ii 



Page Fifteen 

DlrietOT Fanck oheckx the plans for the trek 



■k. m 




Vbepabinc fob 

' EncQitipmeni ' 

Page Nineteen 


Saturday, OcroBtK 19, 1946 

We pitched camp for a long stopoxer a few davs ago. Although there are 
many tasks ahead, the boys and girls in our wagon train manage to find some time 
for fun. The first day we camped, Lefavour and Roberto went from wagcjn to 
wagon looking for football material, and Miss Nichols soon had a group of girls 
practicing field hockey in a nearby meadow. 

Thursday, Octobe^r 23, 1946 

We started on the trail again today. Although most of us were sorry to lea\e 
the old water hole, Whiting and Hicks were overjoyed. As soon as we hit cold 
weather, both of them will be enlisting boys for a hockey team. Glynn, too, seems 
to have a gleam in his eye that doesn't come from thoughts of gold, and 1 suspect 
that we shall soon have a basketball team, coached by our most experienced mule 
driver, Lou Colucci. 

Saturday, December 6, 1946 

Most of the girls have gotten over their homesickness for the old water hole, 
and are urging Miss Nichols to help them form a basketball team. Peggy Sias 
and Claire Griffin especially are sharpening their shooting e\es. Our next stop 
will not lack excitement despite cold weather and hard work. 

Tuesday, March 10, 1947 

We have survived the winter months! The sun is pleasantly warm, and we 
are well on our way over the last obstacles in our path. Some of the fellows are 
having a last fiing at sports by playing baseball at every opportunity. Dave Hal- 
lahan, Bill Miller, and Bob Baker held up our start from one encampment when 
they refused to leave an exciting game. The girls, too, have sport fever and are 
breaking out in a rash of activities. 1 suspect that Softball, badminton, and ten- 
nis games are responsible for the late grub we've been having the last lew days. 

Saturday, April 9, 1947 

We're really on our way now! No more stopovers for man\' a dust\' mile. 
Throughout our long and tedious trek towards pa\' dirt, the athletic teams of the 
caravan have given us thrills and entertainment, anti have increased our zeal and 
spirit for the Crystal Lake Trail which lies ahead. 

Third Prospector, Bruce Chandler 

F^age Twenty 

« « ^ 


Back Row. Left to Right: Barry Irish. Malcolm Dimbar. Alan Rich. John Morley, Richard Taylor, 

Lawrence Dower. Douglas Schumann. Roger Williams. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Janet Wenzel. Shirley Tucker. Leon Bayrd. Donald Van Wagner, Douglas 
Morley. Paul Cole, Edward Sonier, Richard Moff. Fred Rasmusson. Philip Hicks. Evelyn Birch, Angelo 

Second Row, Left to Right: Mr. Fanck. Director; Mr. Hennessey. Marilyn Moss. Marion Pohl, Mary 
Milotte, Esther Ham, Harland Glover. Charles Griffen. Arnold Levine, Dexter Taylor, Bruce Nahigyan, 

Alan Truesdale. Dorothy Nutile. 

Front Row, Left to Right: Gordon Buffett. Paul Saunders. James Leonard. Richard Quinn, Robert Wall, 

Richard White, Bruce Chandler. John Adams. Barrett Morrill. Lee Smart. 

The Gold Dusters 

Throughout our caravan journev'. the stirring music of the band has kept our 
spirits high and our minds intent on the goals ahead. .At all the football games 
their marvelous demonstrations of marching, formations, and musical abilitv have 
thrilled and entertained us. Under the skillful leadership of Mr. banck. the band 
puts on a concert every year, and this annual event is eagerly anticipated and 
\varml>' received. Without the band and its music, our journe\' would ha\'e been 
rough and tedious indeed. 

Page Twenty-one 


The orchestra has completed another enjoyable season. These musicians ap- 
peared at the Senior Play, at the Annual Concert in the spring, and ended the 
\ear by playing the graduation music at the commencement exercises in June. i\lr. 
Fanck's sympathetic and capable guidance has made the orchestra a worthwhile 
and an enjoyable school activity. 

Director, Joseph 11. 1-anck 

Student Manager, John Moiiey 

Assistant Alanaiier, Edward Sonier 


Catherine LeBlanc James Ri/./a 

1 lolins 
William Birch Ruth Ciranston Dorothy lemple Dolores Rich 

Paul Saunders John ilopkins Bruce Murray Charles Butt 

Betsv Benson 

Leon Bayrd 

Dexter ra\lor 
Paul (^oie 

I larlan Glover 

Diiroth\' Dexter 


r:\el\n Birch 


Robert von Klock 

1 lenry Cjregorio 

Charles GrilTen 

Double Bass 
I-;ila Paton 

MariUn Moss 

l-;b Horn 
Mary Milotle 

Lawrence Dower 
Robert Wall 


Front Row, I^ft to Rieht: Betsy Ben.son, Robert Wall, Ruth Granston, John Hopkins, Paul Saunders, 

William Birch. Marilyn Mo.s.s. Ix-on Bayid. 
Second Row, l*ft to Ri^ht: Mr. Fanck, Director; Evelyn Birch, Mary Milotte, Henry Gregorio. Harland 

Glover, Charles Griften, Catherine LeBlanc, James Rizza, Dorothy Dexter, Ella Paton 
Third Row, Left to Right: Dexter Taylor, Edward Sonier, John Morley, Robert vonKlock, Richard 

Taylor, Lawrence Dower, Paul Cole. 

Page Twenty-two 


First Row. Left to Right: Meredith Ross, Jean MacGregor. Dorothy Camuso. Lessie Spinks, Elaine 

Stanley. Dorothy Dexter. Barbara Chrisfield. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Barbara Swallow. Phyllis DEntremont, Rosemary Best, Janice Garratt, 

Prances Lane, Marilyn Egan, Catherine LeBlanc. 
Third Row. Left to Right: Virginia Hewitt, Natalie Wood. Sylvia Nauss, Jean Bedford. Peggy Sias, 

Shirley Anderson. 


Under the direction of Miss Janet W heeler, the (diorus has maile a histing 
impression on Wakefield High School. The bo\ s and girls combined their voices 
at the Christmas pageant for the P. T. .\.. at two assemblies, and at the final Glee 
Club Concert. Miss Wheeler's patient and understanding guidance has brought 
excellent results. 

Page Twenty-three 


t^~ ■ 

o o 9 ic 

O 09 

.S?ca p t 

• J3 

-- . ^ a; 
a 5xi-2 oJ o 

? - S £ - '2 2 
i =3 -2 M « w 15 
^ " ^ O 2 ,^ 


= > ffl ^-x: 

t- aj oj *r o 
^ (/ - 3 c 

o *j c is ™ 

x:- ^ -^ 

•-§cS - 

^ c 2 M 

3 >. <1; o 

Q 7S t* 3 ^ 

o •^ ■*-> 


[0 o 

_o - o 

2 i ^ 

l^age Iwenty lour 

The Warriors' Trail 

Well, Forty-Niners, our pride in the Wakefield High School football squad 
has been justified. They surely didn't need a team of oxen to pull them through 
this season. Our first win over Danvers, 38 to 0, really started the wagon rolling. 
Then the Woburn palefaces caved in under our Warriors, 13 to 0, who were on 
the warpath. Suddenly came the upset of the season when Watertown was am- 
bushed, but not scalped, 12 to 6. The 7-6 decision of the Melrose game, in Mel- 
rose's favor, was somewhat discouraging as we knew how hard the Warriors played. 
Reading almost weakened, but tied, upon meeting up with our red hot squad. But 
the surprising game, which ended the season, was tied when the "Gloucester f^'ish- 
ermen" met up with W. H. S. A word of praise goes to Mike Roberto and Roy 
Lefavour, our co-captains, and also (Loach "1 lacker" Walsh, Coach Ceddia, Coach 
Colucci, and Coach Crompton, who invariabl\- made our "4Q" squad one to re- 


The Varsity 

Roy Lefavour, Co-Captain 
George Perry 
Frank Fotino 
Louis Sardella 

Julio Encarnacao 
Joseph Rich 

Mike Roberto, Co-Captain 
Gordon Gates 

Team II 
A. Dulong 
Col we 11 
L. Dulong 

Team III 
Colucci, Coach 

A. Roberto 

Team IV 
Ceddia, Coach 
R. Fotino 

Page Twenty-five 

Our Hot Hoopsters 

The basketball team this year was sparked by several veterans. Led by our 
Gi-captains, Roy Lefavour and Gerry Glynn, the Wakefield Warriors proved to 
be one of the strongest contenders in the Middlesex League. 

Starting out with victories over Danvers, Methuen, and Stoneham, the Wake- 
field Five, under Coach Colucci, pushed after the leading teams. Kirk Moran 
and Louis Sardella could always be depended upon to put the ball into the basket, 
while our scrappy guards, Doug Schumann and Red Porter, made a fine showing 
by keeping the opponents out of our territory. Phil Perrone and Dick Shea kept 
the team "on the ball" by their accurate passing. 

Although the inexperienced second team lost several games, it performed ad- 
mirably. With more games under their belts these players will be in fine trim for 
victory next year. 


First Bow, l«ft to Right: Richard Shea, NeLson Dulong, Alfred Palmeiino. John Porter. Philip Perrone, 

Gerald Glynn, Douglas Schumann, Kirk Moran. John Butt, Richard Scanlon, Joseph Bruno. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Coach Anthony Ceddia, Leo Smith. William Hale, Francis Shea, James Stanton, 
Louis Sardella, Richard Smith, Joseph Tecce, Ray Lewis, Richard Fotino, Roland Graham, Manager John 

Day, Manager William Schacht. 

Third Row, Left to Right: Manager Kenneth Wyman, Garry Gourley, Fred Sears, Donald Daley. Robert 

Gourley, Sebastian Tine, Forrest Paige, Joseph Tecce, Ernest DiMartinis. 

I'a^e T\\ent\-r>ix 


First Row, Left to Right: Ronald Doucette, Philip Sousa, William MacKay, Donald Hicks. Peter Whiting, 

William Halloran. Donald Halloran. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Joseph Meuse and Waldemar Hoiak, Assistant Managers; Harold Weeks, 
Charles Higgins. Robert Surrctte, John Callan, Douglas Cowie, Theodore Berns. Ernest Warnock, Law- 
rence DeAngelis, Manager. 

Hockey Team 

This year Wakefield High School's veteran puck chasers fought their way into 
fourth place, with five teamsters capturing the all-star first team rating, and one, 
the second team. The Kirk-coached learn plaved clean, fast hcKkey and was re- 
garded bj- many sports writers as the best team in the Hastern Massachusetts Hoc- 
key League. The seniors on the team are Co-Captains Warren Whiting and Don- 
ald Hicks, Philip Sousa, William Halloran, John Callan, and Theodore Burns. 
The Kirknien practiced very hard under difficult conditions. They played the 
very best brand of hocke\' with their losses coming by only one goal. Special 
recognition should be given to the co-captains and especialh' to the excellent 
goalie, Donald Halloran. 

The scores are as 




1 ludson 
































Page Twenty-seven 

Baseball, 1948 

The mighty men with the bats swung into action this year with a bang and 
finished second in the league. They worried Belmont by beating them twice in 
exciting 2-1 games, but the latter went on to win the championship. Our team 
had top-notch spirit at all times. Each boy gave a creditable performance as 
is indicated by the record of having won two-thirds of the games plaved. In Jcjhn 
Moore, the team had one of the best pitchers of the league. Pete \Vhiting had a 
pitching record close second to that of Moore's. Warren Cassidy caught for Moore 
and Whiting, in the field were Dick Scanlon at first, Paul Conway at second, 
Alfred Confalone at shortstop, and either Dave Hallahan or Henry Palmerino at 
third. Dave Jackson, Ernie Dill, Joe Rich, John Moore and Pete Whiting alter- 
nated in the outfield. 

The record was as follows: 







( )pp()nent 





First Row, Left to Right: Coach James Walsh, Warren Cassidy. Co-Captains John Moore and Warren 

Whiting, Ernest Dill, Joseph Saunders. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Paul Conway, David Hallahan, Alfied Confalone, Richard Scanlon, William 

Miller, David Jackson, Jo.seph Rich. 
Third Row, I-eft to Right: Philip Perrone, Alfred Palmerino, Robert Christopher, Robert Lengyel, Andy 

Fourth Row. Left to Right: Harold Meuse, Robert Schacht, Robert Balier. 

Page Twenty-eight 


Firft Row, Left to Right: Nancy Kilchenman. Nancy Shuinway. Constance Armstrong, Carol Amiss, Judy 

Mathias, Marjorie Landry, Elaine Hammer. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Height, Irene Fazio, Jacquelyn Doherty, Jean Easterbrooks, Marion 



No oilier schcx)! can hoast such an oulslanding group ol attracti\e girls as 
Wakefield's cheerleaders. Their hard work since the middle of August has trained 
them to be the most unified checrers in the state. Always we will remember their 
pep, energy, and of course their strutting before the bantl. Nor should we forget 
the tireless efforts of head cheerleader, Irene Fazio, and veterans Mileen McCJee 
and Connie Armstrong. The Seniors are Irene Fazio, Mileen McGee, Connie Arm- 
strong, and Alidge Landrw Although Midge is a newcomer, she has worked 
diligently to become one of our outstanding cheerleaders. 

W Irene Fazio 

A Jackie Dohert\' 

K Jean Easterbrooks 

E Marion Mickey 

F Nancy Shumway 

I Connie Armstrong 

E Mileen McGee 

L Judy Mathias 

D Midge Landry 

The substitutes are Elaine Hammer, Caroline Luciani, Nancy Kitchenman, 
and Carol Amiss. 

Page Twenty-nine 


This school year there has been an added attraction at all our football games, 
the Majorettes. The spectators have been thrilled in watching this trim, snappy 
group perform their intricate stunts. The Majorettes had a busy year; for, besides 
having a dance in October, they entertained at one of the Parent-Teacher Associa- 
tion meetings by demonstrating their twirling ability to an appreciative audience. 
A few of the Majorettes also had the privilege of twirling at the Gene Autry Rodeo 
at the Boston Garden. Many parades have been graced with their presence. At 
present, many ambitious candidates are striving for the coveted title of "Major- 


Sitting, Left to Right: Phyllis Allen, Marilyn Swan, Janet Morin, Charlotte Findlay. Marion Mackenzie, 
Standing, l«ft to Right: Dorothy Nutlle, Florence Fayle, Barbara White, Barbara Field, Gloria Zwicker, 

Miss Upham. 

Page I hirty 


First Row, Lett to Right: Virginia Hewitt. Jean Andrews, Shirley Bemister. Esther Ham 
Second Row, Left to Rig;ht: Miss Nichols, Esther Peterson, Shirley Tucker, Marilyn Egan. 


First Row, Left to Right: Esther Ham, Lois Drady, Janet Miller, Barbara Swallow, Claire Shaw, Eliza- 
beth Cross, Jean Andrews. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Nichols, Phyllis Kent, Lois Windt. Anne Bernard, Lee Bates, Peggy Sias, 

Janet Evans, Frances DeVita. 


First Row, Lett to Right: Anne Newell, Jean Andrews, Phyllis D'Entremont, Claire Griffin, Barbara 
Swallow, Barbara Guttadauro, Patricia Ryder, Jean Connolly. 

Second Row, Left to Rig^^ht: Miss Nichols, Anne Bernard, Betty Kenney, Marilyn Curley, Esther Ham, 
Claire Shaw, Esther Peterson, Nancy Blackeby, Meredith Ross. 

Third Row, Left to Right: Frances DeVita, Lois Windt. Diane Crowell, Shirley Tucker, Leslie Bates, Peggy 

Sias, Patricia Parker, Mary Milotte. 

Girls' Basketball 

Basketball has always been the favorite sport with W akefiekl girls, and this 
year was no exception. Approximately seventy-five girls tried out for the team. 
Their first practice game was on .lanuary 27 with Wilmington. TheN' also ha\e 
played Stoneham and Reading. Although our girls were not champions in the 
actual score outcomes, they were tops in sportsmanship. These girls were allowed 
onl\' two afternoons a week on which to practice, but the\' attended faithfully 
and played extremel\' hard. We shall alwa\s remember our Basketball Warrior- 
ettes of 1949. 

i-*age TliirtN-two 

Girls' Badminton 

Although girls are sometimes considered inferior to boys as athletes, badmin- 
ton is one sport in which they excel. Afternoons, they have worked determinedly, 
learning the rules and positions for both the single and double games. The girls 
have been taught footwork and also correct serxing and stroking b\' their apt 
Coach, Miss Katherine Nichols. Our female badminton enthusiasts have spent 
much time perfecting their game. But this practicing has not been in \'ain, for 
these girls are first-raters in hitting the birdie over the net. 

Janet Robertson 
.'Xnne Newell 
Anne Bernard 
Diane Crowell 
Esther Peterson 
Lorraine ShurtlefF 

Patricia Ryder 
Barbara Swallow 
Denise Hardy 
Anne Bertholf 
.Margaret MacQuarrie 
Joan Wheaton 
Marv Shaw 

Ruth Cranston 
Carol Carr 

Barbara McManamin 
Shirley Needham 
Janet Evans 
Virginia Harris 


First Row, Left to Right: Anne Newell, Anne Beniard. Susanne Knight, Margaret MacQuarrie. Barbara 

Swallow, Patricia Ryder, Jacquelyn Wilkinson. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Nichols, Virginia Hewitt. Janet Evans, Diane Crowell, Esther Peterson, 

Betty Cross, Mary Shaw. 

Pare riiirtv-three 


First Row. Lett to Right: Leslie Bates, Phyllis D'Entiemont, Claire Griffin, Claire Shaw. 

Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Nichols, Lois Drady, Patricia Ryder, Frances DeVita. Peggy Sias. 

Girls' Tennis Team 

Last tall, a group of enthusiastic tennis players gathered, and under the di- 
rection of Miss Nichols, held a tennis tournament. The winners of each group 
contested until one girl survived as winner of the tournament. In the spring, Miss 
Nichols held practise sessions for many girls who desired to perfect their tennis 

Page Thirty-four 

Girls' Bowling 

On I'uesday afternoon twenty teams meet at the Sunlite Alleys to bowl. Each 
team, consisting of six members, is under the competent supervision of Miss 
Nichols. The bowling hours are a source of great enjoyment. 


First Row, Left to Rigrht: Virginia Hewitt. Barbara Remick. Eileen MacLeod. Diane Purtell, Norma S. 

Anderson, Barbara Burke, Patricia Parker, Joyce Denning. Barbara Guttadauro, Mary Shaw. 
Second Row, Lett to Right: Miss Nichols, Marilyn Curley, Shirley Bemister, Lois Drady, Ann Carpenter, 
Louise Winberg, Claire Shaw, Betty Cross, Nancy Vorperian, Janet Miller, Nancy Blackeby, Meredith 

Third Row, Lett to Right: Betty Kenney, Anne Bernard, Anne Newell, Lois Windt, Jeannette Russell, 
Marilyn Egan, Margaret MacQuarrie, Esther Peterson, Mary Muse, Norma J. King, Susanne Knight, 

Jacquelyn Wilkinson. 

Page Thirty-five 






oiakina Qaim5 

Page Thirty-seven 

Staking Claims 

Tuesday, Octoblr r 1948 

While crossing one of the particularl\- long stretches of desert, the entire 
wagon train was led astray to Soda Springs by the Good Grooming Group, who 
declared we needed to wash our faces in some fresh water. The Rifle Club also 
took a diverging trail to Castle Rock in search of game, but because Mr. Cassano's 
eyes weren't so sharp as usual, all came back empty-handed. 

Frid.w. November 12. l'-)48 

Under the efficient leadership of cowpuncher fiarle Crompton, the Sports (dub 
was formed to provide more recreation on our du^ty trip and pacify over-anxious 
gold panners. At the same time we reached some mountain ranges where the 
members of the Ski Club enjoyed some fast runs. Shumway didn't get hurt. 

Friday and Saturday. December ^ and 4, 1948 

Friday night part of the caravan put on a play, THE GHOST TRAIN, a 
mystery in three acts. Saturday there was a repeat performance with the result 
that everyone is imitating Dave Gibbons and Bob Hancock, while trying to figure 
out what the sound effects crew did with the train. 

Thursday, December 9, 1948 

Scnorita (Rowing's Spanish (dub swung into their pack saddles and headed 
south of the border into Mexico today. We expect all the Mexicans recei\ed them 
with open arms. Some of the feminine members were a bit lame on their return. 

Wednesday, December 21. 1^)48 

Despite the lack of snow, Christmas was upon us, and was ver\' appropriately 
celebrated. In the e\ening we gathered arounel the camiifire to witness an effecti\e 
tableau of the Christ (Child's manger, with a choral background and dramatic 
narration, and we felt that the IrLie spirit of (Christmas was ours. 

TuESD\Y. Dece.mber 1H. 1^)48 

TllF L(X)K()U r is doing a great job in writing up our trip, .\long with the 
Student (x)uncil, it keeps high spirits anti gooil will on our lour-\ear journew 
Soon we prospectors will be staking our claims in new fields. Some ol us panned 
gold today. We have high hopes for tomorrw. 

Fourth Prospector. John 

Page riiirtyeight 



Page Thirty-nine 


Front Row, Left to Right: Elaine Stanley. Jacquelyn Walsh, William Larkin, Miss Abbott. Jean Con- 
nolly, Barbara DePocher, Janice Garratt. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Bruce Chandler, Richard Hammer, Arlene Lamprey, Alice Redfeain, John 

Day, Robert Warchol. 


First Row, Left to Right: Jean Connolly, Lee Smart, Claire Griffin, Mr. Staunton, Claire Surette, Bar- 
bara Perkins, Shirley Edwards. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Robert Hancock. Leslie Todd, Shirley Anderson, Barbara DeRocher, Bar- 
bara McCaig, Joyce Miller, David Gibbons, William Orne. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Fred Sias, John Day, Edward Cook, John Hacker, Roy Serrentino. 

Page I'orty 

Senior Play Committee 

The careful selection of "The Ghost Train" b\- this vear's Senior Phiy Com- 
mittee proved to be a wise choice. The committee was also responsible for all 
other committees necessary to produce the play. 

Co-chairmen Jean Connolly and William Larkin were assisted by John Day, 
Barbara DeRocher, Elaine Stanley, Robert Surrette, Jacquelyn Walsh, Robert 
Warchol, Bruce Chandler, Alice Redfearn, Evangeline McCabe, Arlene Lamprey, 
Janice Garratt, and Richard Hammer. Miss Eleanor Abbott served as general 

The Senior Play 

On December 3 and 4, 1948, the (^lass of 1949 added something new to the 
extensive repertoire of Wakefield High School. The mystery pla\', The Ghost 
Train by .Arnold Kidley, was effectively portrayed by the following members of 
our class. 

Richard W'inthrop 
Elsie Winthrop 
Saul Modgkin 
Charles Murdock 
Peggy Murdock 
Miss Bourne 
Teddie Deakin 
Julia Price 
I lerbert Price 
John Sterling 


Friday Saturday 

John 1 lacker 
Lee Smart Jean Connoll\' 

Robert 1 lancock 

lulward (>)()k 
...Claire Surette 13arbara Perkins 

.(Claire Griffin Barbara DeRocher 

David Cjihhons 
..Evangeline McCabe Shirley Edwards 

bred Sias 

John Day 

Roy Serrentino 

Fred Raymond. Jr. 

Leslie Todd 

William Orne 

The understudies were Norma S. .Anderson, Jo>ce .Miller. Barbara .McCaig. 
and Jayne Veuell. 

Because of the superb coaching of .Mr. Harold Staunton and the co-operation 
of the various committees. The Ghost Train was a smashing success. 

Page Forty-one 







The Sports Club 

This year, under the super\ i^ion ol 
.Mr. Earle Crompton, a new organi/alion. 
the Sports Club, has been formecl. .Mem- 
bership in the club entitles students to 
free admission at home sports e\ents. 
Special parties, dances, and assemblies 
are held for mem.bers. The 340 students 
in the Sports Club ha\c elected the tol- 
Icwing officers: 

President: Michael Roberto. 

Vice-President: Edward (^ook. 

Secretary-'Prcasurer : Carol Bair. 

The Sports C.lub has been a great suc- 
ic s this year and promises to do much 
in the future to promote interest and en- 
thusiasm in schciol activities. 


First Row, Left to Rig-ht: Susanne Knight, Diane 


Second Row, Left to Right: Miss Upham, Virginia 

Annichiarlco, Claire Kolbe, Patti Morico. 


Standing;: President Michael Roberto. 
Sitting, Left to Right: Vice-President Edward Cook, 
Secretary-Treasurer Carol Bair. 

Grooming Club 

The purpose of the Good Grooming 
Group is to improve the manners, the 
appearance, and the social standing of all 
the girls in our Wakefield High School 
cara\ an. The group, led by an outstand- 
ing member of the sophomore class, 
Su>anne Knight, has succeeded remark- 
ably well in informing the members of 
the newest st\les and fashions, and of the 
old and new rules of conduct and culture. 
Boys have been inx'ited to participate in 
panel discussions, and outstanding speak- 
ers on nutrition, hairdressing, textiles, 
and social conduct have made the meet- 
ings interesting and varied. The (jood 
Grooming Group has fully succeeded in 
its aims to improve the manners, the 
ap|-)earance, and the social standing of 
the girb of our cara\an. 


President: Susanne Knight, Class of iy51 
\'ice-Presideiii: Diane Furtell, Class ol i')";! 
Secretary: X'irginia .\nnichiarico, Class ol U'^l 
Treasurer: Nancy Pottle, Class of 1951 
i-acidty Adviser: .Miss Flizabeth L'pham 

Page Forty-three 


Sitting: President Roy Lefavour. 

Standing, Left to Right: Treasurer Alice Redfearn, 

Secretary Edward Cook, Vice-President Jean Connolly. 


Standing, Left to Right: Treasurer Jacquelyn Doherty, 
Vice-President Gerald Glynn, Secretary Ann Marie Pratt 
Sitting: President Louis Sardella. 


standing. Left to Right: Treasurer Lou-Ann Gallinarl, 
Vice-President Joseph J. Tecce, Secretary Virginia 

Sitting: President Patsy Zagaria. 

ne lorts lour 


First Row, Left to Rig;ht: Janet Evans, Margaret Creedon, Marilyn Curley, Eileen MacLeod, Shirley 

Edwards, Prances Longo. Agnes Edmands, Marjorie Landry. 
Second Row, Left to Ri^ht: Charles Brown, Philip Perrone, Franklin Fotino, Michael Roberto, Mary King, 
Pauline Melanson. Janet King, Louise Winberg, Robert Baker, George Kelloway, Joseph J. Tecce, Robert 

Third Row, Left to Right: James Rizza, Harold Chrisfield, Lawrence Ross, Louis Sardella, Alfred Palmer- 
ino, Richard Scanlon, Edward Cook, Gerald Glynn, Peter Shumway, Paul Chamberlain, Michael Nasella, 

William GrafI, Conrad Wettergreen. 

Homeroom Presidents and Managers 

The students in each homeroom elect two of?icers to serve them during a term 
of one \ear. These ollicers are a president and a homeroom manager. The Presi- 
dent presides at all homeroom meetings, contacts the Student Council about any 
problems arising in his room, and is responsible for the student activity tickets. 
The managers' duties are to assist in the sales of student activity tickets and in 
procuring funds for charity. .Although these duties are not heavv, the\' are essen- 
tial to a harmonious room. Three cheers for a fme group! 

Page Forty-five 

The Student Council 

The 1949 Student Council was certainly a most energetic and successful group 
of students. They sponsored many Canteens which were well attended by the 
students. With the profit gained from these dances the Council bought flowers 
and baskets of fruit to send to the persons who had been ill for a long period. 
They also had some pennants made to sell to the students. These pennants had a 
white drawing of the high school and the white lettering "Wakefield H. S." on a 
red background. These are but a few of the many accomplishments of the Coun- 
cil. The members deserve our congratulations. 


Front Row, Left to Right: Judith Mathias, Virginia Aniiichiarico. Janet King. Louis Saidella. Michael 

Roberto, Marion Hickev. Edward Cook, Arlene Lamprey. 
Second Row, Left to Right; Shirley Edwards, Constance Arm.stroiiB, Richard Brooks, David Merry, Patsy 

Zagaria, Jacquelyn Walsh, Alice Redfcarn, Jean Connolly. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Robert Mcsher, Charles Sullivan, John Day, John Hacker, Gerald Glynn. 

Joseph J. Tecce, Harold Chrisfleld. 

I'age 1 ortv-six 


First Row, Left to Ri^ht: Elaine Stanley, Charlotte Harmon. Marilyn Curley. Editor Claire Kolbe, 
Editor Phyllis D'Entremont, Advisor Miss Dunning, Editor Patti Morico. Jacquelyn Wilkinson, Lois 

Thwing. Virginia Capone. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Bruce Chandler, Katherine DeVeau, Janet King, Margaret Curran, Enid 
Kaler, Barbara Field, Frances Leone. Betsy Benson. Pauline Melanson. Eileen MacLeod. Lee Smart, 

Virginia Annichiarico, Beverly Packard, Janice Garratt. Fred Sias 
Third Row. Left to Rigrht: Robert Fitz, Richard Yeo. Judy Mathias. Esther Ham, Peggy Sias, Ann Rey- 
nolds, Claire Griffin, Prank Bowman, David Gibbons, Edward Cook, Mary King, Betty Morel, Susanne 
Knight, Rosemary McAuliffe, Harry Bird, Harold Reynolds. 


Extra! Extra! Read all about it in the Lookout, the W. H. S. school news- 
paper. There are club activities, sports, gossip, and jokes written and collected by 
a capable staff headed by Claire Kolbe, Patricia Morico, Phyllis D'Entremont, 
and faculty adviser, Miss Harriet Dunning. The various articles are assigned, 
and the general revision is done in room 210. There is alvva\'s that struggle against 
the deadline. Then, too there are the last minute news articles to be rushed to 
the Item Office. Oh, yes, the galle\' must be set up, and the finished copies folded. 
But, somehow, our Lookout pulls through with very few errors. The hard work 
was rewarded when the publication won third-pri/e placement in the Columbia 
National Press Association Contest. 

Page Forty-seven 

Frontierettes of the Inter Nos 

1 he Inter Nos Club, under the direction of Miss HIizabeth V. L'pham, has had an active 
year. A Welcome Party for the freshmen began the 1948 season. At the next meeting the 
girls heard Miss Mildred L. Albert speak on "Grooming and Personality." In November 
the members attended a fashion show put on by the Boston School of Fashion and Design. 
An Inter Nos supper prepared by the girls themselves proved to be very interesting. 1 hey 
had as their speaker Mrs. Mary Tredinnick, who spoke on "Madonnas," an appropriate 
subject. The first square dance ever to be held in Wakefield High School was sponsored by 
the Inter Nos in January, 1949, at which the caller was Mr. Edgar Webber. He quickly 
showed the steps, and before the evening was over, everyone was swinging his partner around 
like old times. The Club also heard Mr. Hdward H. Oakes speak on "Gems and Jewelry" at 
the lebruary meeting. Mr. Oakes is a nationally known craftsman, whose fascinating work 
wins instant admiration. A Mothers' Tea was held in the spring. The last meeting was a 
beach party which furnished both fun and happy memories for the girls. 


President: Alice Redfearn 
Vice-President: Irene Fazio 
Treasurer: Jean Drinkwater 
Corresponding Secretary: Dorothy Casey 
Recording Secretary: Diane Chamberlain 

Senior Directors: Arlene Lamprey, Claire 

/unior Directors: Nancy Shumway, Jac- 
queline Wilkinson 

Sophomore Directors: Diane Purtell, 
Ethel Vidito 

Nancy Chisholm, Class of 1950 Mary King, Class of 1950 

Patricia Morico, Class of 1949 Jean Rattray, Class of 1950 

Claire Kolbe, Class of 1949 Ann Reynolds, Class of 1950 


First Row, Lett to Right: Jean Drinkwater, Alice Redfearn, Diane Chamberlain, Dorothy Casey, Nancy 

Shumway, Irene Fazio. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Diane Purtell, Arlene Lamprey, Claire Kolbe, Jacqueline Willcinson, Miss 


Page I'orly-eight 


First Row. Left to Right: Jean Hiid. Lorraine Muse, Mlfs Cowing, Joyce Miller, Elaine Stanley. 
Second Row. Left to Right: Charlotte Nelson. Barbara Harris. Margaret MacQuarrie, Jean Connolly, 

Dsrothy Casey. 


First Row, Left to Right: Lee Smart, Roy Lefavour, Edward Cook. John Adams, Nancy Shumway, John 

Hacker. Peter Shumway. Robert Hancock. John Day. Janet Achorn. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Robert Hatfield, Janice Garratt. Gladys Malonson. Catherine LeBlanc, 
Harold Layton. Walter Layton, Charlotte Harmen. D ane Purtell. Janet Evans. Carol Crocker, Lois Drady, 

Phyllis Kent, Mr. Staunton. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Frances DeVita. Lois Windt. Charles Brown, Charles Stevens, Fred Sias, Wil- 
liam Larkin, Alan Rich, Richard Hammer. Dexter Taylor, Peggy MacKay, Nancy Kitchenman. 


First Row. Left to Right: Norma King, Shirley Barry, Claire Shaw, Jean Andrews. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Mary Meuse, Claire Griffin, Phyllis DEntremont. 

The Targeteers 

The Wakefield lligh School Junior Rille C^iuh meets twice weeklv, once at 
the range in the Green\v(xjd School for target practice and once at the high school 
for a short and instructive business meeting. 

The l^ifle Club is associated with the Suburban Intcrscholastic Rille League. 

also the National Rifle Association, w hich is known as the N. R. A. 

The objects of the club are to instill in the members sale methods of handling 

usinji the rille. and skill in shooting, which can be de\eloped onl\- b\- practice 



by having a knowledge of the gun and bullets. 

This past year the N. R. A. lowered the age limit .so that anxone in higii 
school might be eligible to join a recognized rille club. This club invites anyone 
who is seriously interested in improving his marksmanship and who wants to learn 
how to handle a rille safely to join. 

There are six rilles furnished bv the U. S. .Army. We have two spoiling 
scopes, bought with money raised by members. The rille club needs and plans to 
have shooting jackets and gloves in the near future. 
President: Cecil Roberts Secretary: Mary King 

Vice-President: Robert Wall Range Officer: James Leonard 

Treasurer: (Charles GrifTen Executive O/Jicer: Joseph \'en/.lowski 

Page Pifty 


Page Fifty-one 

We Strike Gold! 

Friday, May 27, 1949 

Our claim is good ! Pay dirt was packed with gold today. Although the 
officials of the Senior W. H. S. Mining Company have put us through rigid tests 
of our abilities, we seem to be near our goal. The three newer companies look on 

Monday, May 30, 1949 

Our last day in the mine! We have cleared up all our odds and ends. Caps 
and gowns, to be worn by the Company members at future ceremonies, have 
arrived by pack train from Boston. Despite the heat, all day we have strutted 
around in our flowing robes, striking dramatic poses for Sias and his fellow camera 

Tuesday. May 31, 1949 

The Seniors spent the morning in blissfully slumbering, and the afternoon in 
leisurely watching the other three companies mine. This evening we attended a 
mammoth banquet to celebrate our successes. For the evening program a group 
from the Company reviewed our years together. In spite of the inevitable Fresh- 
man Company under foot, we allowed outsiders to hear our program. 

Friday, June 3, 1949 

In an impressive ceremon\' Superintendent of Mines Kinder ga\e each Senior 
his gold certificate. With it came adxice for future digging. Tomorrow we leave 
our old Pack Trail and head for the new FOllow-Through (Maim. 

Fifth Prospector, Catherine LeBlanc 

Page 1-ifty-two 

Ambition, determination, and personality plus are the 
characteristics shown most consistently by Jack Adams during 
his four years in our group of fort>-niners. Possessed of a 
brilliant mind and a love of hard work, he is known by all 
for his curricular and extra-curricular accomplishments, lie 
has been a most capable band manager for the last two years 
and at the same time has been treasurer of the Ski Club. Jack 
was chosen chairman of the Lighting and Sound Committee 
of the Senior Play. He loves to ski, play baseball and foot- 
ball, and to attend school games, .-\fter graduation he plans 
to study chemical engineering at Cornell and become a research 
chemist. His alertness and resourcefulness assure us that Jack 
will be happy and successful in the years ahead. 

One of our attractive drum majorettes is Phyl, who has 
helped to inspire our football team to victory. In her snappy 
uniform she has been one of our best twirlers, one who led 
our school band onto many athletic fields. She likes music 
and has nurtured her talent in the Glee Club. Her favorite 
pastimes are dancing and .seeing the latest mo\-ies. At the 
Senior Play Phyl was one of our beautiful ushers who added 
much to the atmosphere. She will enroll at (.^handler Busine>s 
School in September. 

Gus has a keen sense of humor, and is well known for 
the twinkle in her eyes and her friendly smile. In her junior 
year she was a member of the Shorthand Club. This year 
she has been an active member of the Lsher and Candy Com 
mittee of the Senior Play. Her outside activities are dancing 
and swimming, ller efTiciency in clerical work means success 
in the business world. 

".^ndy" is just about the cheeriest one among us. She 
likes to keep us laughing and happy. .\ sports enthusiast 
always, she has participated in basketball, field hockey, tennis, 
Softball, and bowling. For three years she has added to the 
Glee Club and for one year to the Chorus. Her interest in 
acting shows, as she is an active member of the Junior Quan- 
napowitt Players and also an understudy in the Senior Play. 
She hopes to become a comptometer operator. We're sure 
she'll always be happy as she goes about sharing her joy. 

Page Fifty-three 

'I his is Miss Andrews, known to her man>. many friends 
as "Andy." She is always peppy and full of fun, and ever 
ready to help a friend in need. She is one of the most loyal 
pals anyone could have. Much is to be said about her extra- 
curricular activities. She was a steady player in all the sports: 
badminton, field hockey, and basketball all her four years — 
not to mention membershiii in the (.Chorus and Senior Pla\ 
L'sher Committee. .Although she doesn't admit it. she is one 
of Miss Hirst's best art pupils. She shows her talent bv being 
a member of the Classbook .Art StafT. It is certain that she 
will be a complete success in her future \-ocation as an interior 


.At* W 



For the past two years Connie has been one of our pepp.\' 
cheerleaders Besides being a valuable member of the Student 
(Council, she has been Co-chairman of the Decorating Com- 
mittee of the Senior Play. \n undying love for horses is held 
by (Bonnie, who spends much of her time riding on her favorite 
animal. In the future she plans to become a professional 


One might infer by the way "Beans" drawls out his words 
that he is a rather slow-moving individual; however, a glance 
at his \aried activities shows that his capabilities are un- 
bounded. During his four years al high school, he was a key 
enil on <(ur football team and, in his third year, an able catcher 
on the baseball squail. .Mso, Bob is musically inclined, hav- 
ing played the drums in the band for two years. Sociallv Bob 
is just as versatile and popular, having served his class on 
the Junior Prom Committee, his school as General Chairman 
of the New \'ear's Eve Frolic, and his pals as secretary of 
Ili-V The admiration that his fellow students bestow on 
him is reflected in the fact that he was elected Homeroom 
President in his junior year, athletic representative. Home- 
room Manager, and (Zo-secretary of the Classbook Business 
StafT in his Senior year. Curricularly speaking. Bob's grades 
have been well above average, and all his teachers as well as 
his friends know that sincere Bob will do well at the L'niver- 
silv of Massachusetts, where he plans to study agricultural 

Dick has a mischievous smile and an original sense ol 
humor. His apt expressions bring much enjoyment to his 
friends. .\ member of the Senior Play Stage (jew, he deni 
onstrated his abilitv His favorite pastimes are hunting, lish- 
ing anil swimming. Dick is going to seek his fortune as a 
member of the L niteit States Navv. His quiet friendliness 
an(.l willingness to help, which have endeared him to all. will 
insure his success in the service. 

Page Fiftv-four 

T ed has alvva> s been rather a shy fellow in classes 1 It- 
is a very modest young man, one who has been preparing lor 
the last four years to enter Burdett College or the Boston 
School of Accounting. During his high school days he has 
played on the Wakefield High School baseball team, and also 
on the hockey team. His hobby is boxing, and judging from 
his expertness, he excels in this sport, lie has our best wishe-^ 
for continued success 


Evie is another talented musician. She is one of our 
favorite band clarinetists who has added to the artistic success 
of the musicians. For four years she has also played in the 
high school orchestra. She was one of our champion basket- 
ball forwards for two years; she has batted many home runs 
for our Softball team: and her bowling techniques have made 
her (jne of our highest scorers during her sophomore year. 
Evie is a rollerskating queen on any floor. She also enjovs 
dancing and swimming Because of her desire to help others 
she plans to become a nurse. 

f.lLLl.XN .-XNNE BL.\ IZ 
Our dependable classmate, Eillian, always tackles her work 
with a smile. She has many school activities to her credit 
"lil" was an Inter Nos member in her first and second \ears 
In her Junior year she was an industrious worker in the >hort 
hand Club. She passed the Auto-Dri\ing course and was .1 
member of the Senior Play Wardrobe Committee in the fourth 
vear. She enjoys cooking and sewing, dancing, and roller 
skating. We know that she will make man>- more frienils bs 
her entrance into the business world. 


A hard worker, always dependable, was the high praise 
bestowed upon Rosie Borden by fellow members of the Senior 
Play Lighting and Sound Committee, in fact throughout his 
scliool life he has always been on the spot when someone v\as 
needed to perform a difficult task. During his freshman year, 
Dick was chosen manager of the baseball team — the same team 
that tinishei.1 first in the league that year. He was also a star 
member of his homeroom basketball squad during his sopho- 
more year. Rosie's outside hobbies are varied 1 le likes to 
dance and collect records, and he spends much of his spare 
time m fixing up his rumpus room. His ambition to own his 
own pattern-making shop as soon as possible after graduation 
is a commendable one. 


ift\-fi\ e 


During his four years in our class, Frani< has been an 
interested participant in many school activities. His reputa- 
tion as a dependable worker was established early in his Iresh- 
man year, when he volunteered to help out in the Band, doing 
such a fine job that he was asked to remain throughout his 
sophomore year. When a track team was formed in 1945, 
Frank was one of the first boys to join. He was a member 
of the outstanding Sophomore Hop Committee which did 
much to make the party a real success. His initiative and 
ambition made him an outstanding member of the Senior 
Play Publicity Committee and of the Classbook Fditorial 
Staff. .After graduation from high school, f-rank plans to 
attenti Boston College and then law school. 

Have you seen a girl with a pleasing smile and a friendly 
personality around lately? Why, of course, you're right! It's 
Bernice Butt oi "Bunnie" as her friemls like to call her. She 
loves to get her hands on a book and read to her heart's con- 
tent. But she gets a real thrill out of finding a new poem for 
her anthology. If you can't find Bunnie reading, you will 
probably find her adding a few stamps to her large foreign 
collection She has chosen nursing for her career. 

Johnny is a ver>- acti\e lad who enjoys and has partici- 
pated in football, basketball, hockey, and track. He has 
worked on the Classbook stalf and the History (>)mmittee. as 
well as officiating as .stage manager for our play. He has a 
personalitv that finds its \\a\' into everybod>'s heart and a 
generosity that is uneciualled. His seriousness is well shown 
b\- his intellectual preparation. Johnny lo\es road racing and 
has shown his abilit\' man\- limes. Next \ear he plans to 
further his education at college. Lucky college! 

Dottie has acquired many friends during her four >ears 
of high school because of her genial attitude. Most oi her 
time is spent either in reading or in dancing. She is also \ery 
fond of singing and has been a member of the Glee (^lub for 
four years. I'pon completion of high sch(H)l she plans to 
work in a department store. We are sure that her diligence 
as a worker and her sincerity as a frieiiil will win promotion 
for her. 

Page l-ift\-si\ 

Easily recogni/.ed by her sparkling wit and ever-prusent 
laugh. Amelia is one of our prettiest girls. This dark-haired 
lass with the flashing brown eyes has the best collection of 
humorous anecdotes in our halls. Often she can be found at 
the bowling alley, and in warm weather many of us have seen 
her demonstrating graceful swings at one of the local tennis 
courts, .-\mong her acti\ities are the Inter Nos Club and the 
Property' Committee of the Senior Play. The excellent dis- 
crimination which she uses in her own becoming hair styles 
will, without doubt, help her in her work at Wilfred Academy. 

"Dotty" is one of the more acti\e members of the class 
Whenever there is a dance, you know that this cute little girl 
has helped to make it a success, lier acti\eness and excellent 
work explain wh\- she was chosen as Secretary of Spanish C^lub 
for l')-I.S and I'M') and Corresponding Secretary of Inter Nos 
for I'MiS ami I'M'). .Among her other activities are Sports 
(^lub. Make-up Committee for Senior Play. Senior Part\ 
Committee, and Classbook Stalf. .\fter gratluation Dott_\' is 
off to college, where we predict great things for her. 

j.\coi ELiNE c:.\\.\N.\c;ii 

Fun loving, good natured, and cheerful, are just some of 
the adjectives which describe our Jackie. That she is a 
capable and tireless worker has been proved b\- her able assist- 
ance on the Class Color Committee, and the Cand.v and L sher 
Committee for the Senior Play. She is a great enjoyer ol 
sports, and she has played basketball and softball. Jackie 
will attend business school for preparation as a private sec- 

The boy with the big smile for everyone — that's Bruce. 
.■\lwa\s one of the outstandmg members of his class, both 
scholasticalh' and sociallw Bruce is destined to be a successful 
lawyer no matter where he ma\ practice. For four >ears. 
Bruce has been a mainstay in the trumpet section of the school 
band and has ser\ ed cheerfully on the Senior Play Executi\e 
Committee. In aeldition. he has been one of the associate 
editors of the Classbook. .\n eager sportsman, Bruce has 
played homeroom basketball and is fond of swimming, camp- 
ing, and nature studw He plans to attend Dartmouth College. 

Page Fifty-seven 


I -.ail. known as Chris among his friends, has been a shin- 
ing hght in track Road-racing and cross-country running art 
his special hobbies. His charming manner and droll humor 
have made him one of the best liked members of our class. 
We know that he will make a success of his study of aviation, 
his present ambition. 

With his fun-l(i\ing spirit. Coke is one of the jolliest 
members of our class. I !e enjoys any sport and is always 
ready for a got>d time. I le has spent four years in the band, 
and three years in the orchestra (~oke also was on the Light- 
ing and Sound committee for the Senior Play. His likable 
character makes him popular with everyone with whom he 
comes in contact. He en|o_\s the studv of electricit\ and 
would like to become an electrician, although he thinks he 
might be taken into military service. Whiche\ei field he 
chooses, we know he will become a success. 

JOSI Pll COlAVl-.Ll 

Joe is one ol the friendliest fellows m our class With 
the exception of his junior \ear he has been out on the foot- 
ball liekl doing his best for the team. Although he is not so 
big as some of the others, his teammates will assure >()U that 
he was a hard man to stop when carrving the pigskin for 
Wakefield High. This quiet determination certainl> will 
enable him to advance i|iiiJ\l\ when ,\\\^ il he enters the ser\ 
ice .ifter high school 

■t **".*. 

\i 1 K'l n ( (»\i \i ()\i 

I red is one ol 1 he most likable and most sincere bo> s in 
oiii class Id many, he appears shv, but to his friends he is 
known liM his consideration \s a lii\er of sjiorts, he eiiio\s 
p.iiluiiLuK baseball and looiball lie.ausr ol his v\ide miei 
isi 111 nu'dianical ilr.iwmg. wr ,iH' ceil.iin ihal he will siuireJ 
,is .1 di .il I 

Page I ifU eight 


One III (lur boys who is well-known to the underclassmen 
is Chet. He does not like to talk about himself, but everyone 
who is acquainted with him knows what a wonderful person 
ality he has As Homeroom Manager his freshman \ear. he 
exhibited sterling cjualities which will be needeii in the L nited 
States Air lorce — his goal. 

.\ sunny smile and a friendly disposition are characteristic 
of Jeanne. Her kindness and amiability ha\e made her a nat- 
ural choice as Vice-President of the class of I'M') for three 
consecutive years. She has also served in several other capaci- 
ties, and these include being a member of the Glee Club during 
the freshman year, membership on the Student Council during 
second, third, anti fourth years, co-chairman of the Senior 
Play (Committee, a member of the cast, and on the Near Book 
Staff. She is also actively interested in sports and ciualilied 
as a member of the basketball, softball. and held hockey team. 
Other interests are skiing, swimming, and hiking She plans 
to further her education at Rates College 

El)\\ \KD COOK 

I he handsdiiie fellow who joineil our class last vtar i-- 
none other than E.ddie (iook. one of the most active persons 
in the school. During his junior vear he was Homeroom 
Manager, captain of his Homeroom Basketball leam. and a 
member of the Ski Club This years record of diligent work 
will be hard to surpass. Some of his more important activi- 
ties have included Co-I-ditor of the Yearbook. President ol 
his homeroom, a member of the Lookout StafT. and of ihi 
Student Council. Beside^ these, we must not forget to men- 
tion his great performance in the Senior Plav .After gradu 
ation. he would like to go to jollege on the Naval Reservi 
Officers' Training (iourse 

Known to his classmates for his wittv exiiressoiis. Rill 
has brought much enjovment to school davs Whenever BiP 
is around, evervone is sure to have a good time He is a hul 
who likes the outdoors, hence his hobbies are huntinK. fishing 
and trapping. Bill served faithfullv on the Class Will (Com- 
mittee and the Transportation ('ommittee for the Senior Plav 
Since he is interested in farming, he hopes to attend Stock 
bridge School of .Agriculture. 

Page Tiftv-nine 



Near the top of the popularity list is Peggy. If an argu- 
ment is what you want, don't go to Peg. She will just laugh 
off any remarks, and in a casual manner she will tell a humor- 
ous incident or two. By the time you finish talking to her, 
you'll find yourself feeling as joyous and friemily as Peg her- 
self. I ler attractive personality will be helpful to her as a 
telephone operator. Don't e\er run out of jokes, Peggv! 

Louise is an attractive lass who reserves her ga>er mo- 
ments for her more intimate friends. Her natural reticence 
plus her readiness for fun. her appreciation of true friendli- 
ness, and her conscientious nature spell loyalty to her class- 
mates. We are sure that her debut in the business world will 
be a promising one. 

1 his li\ely Senior is always in the midst of any excite- 
ment. Wherever there's good fun. you'll find Ginny. The 
sincere, straightforwaril wav in which she does things, and 
her continual good sportsmanship ha\e maile her e\er.vbod>'s 
friend. Bowling is her favorite sport. I ler proficients' in 
business essentials is an excellent foundation for her future 
work in the field of commerce. 


John is one of the most active bo\ s ni our class I le 
was a member of the Glee Club in his first \ear, a hard 
worker on the Sophomore Hop Committee, and manager of 
the basketball team for three years. That Jack is very popu- 
lar is shown in his election to the Student Council and the 
(^lassbook Statf in his Senior year. .\n enthusiastic skier. 
Jack is, of course, a member of the Ski Club. Jack also was 
on the Senior Play lixecutiNe Committee and a member of 
the Senior Play (last. He is an active member of the Sports 
(llub and has worked hard to make several of the High School 
dances successful. Jack's hobbies are dancing, sailing, and 
skiing. Boston College will be lucky to have Jack as a student 

Page S.'xty 

DORIS 1:SI El.l.ii DHAN 
Dor is a friendly girl who has graced many Home Talent 
nights with her singing ability. This year she was one of our 
snappy Majorettes who performed many intricate twirls on 
our football field. Her other activities include Glee Club, 
basketball, bowling, field hockev. softball. and the Inter Nos 
Club. Her pastimes are knitting, horseback riding, and pho- 
tography. She plans to enter the "Wafs" for three years. 

Larry is a fun-lo\ing latl whose liveliness is a source of fun 
for all. His humorous remarks and ready smiles have aikled 
much to the enjoyment of our school days. An enthusiastic 
sportsman, he wa^ manager of the Hockey Team during his 
third and fourth vears anil worked wholeheartedly for his 
team. As a participant in homeroom basketball, he pro\e(.l 
further his lo\e for sports. In his Senior year he was electetl 
to the Classbook Business Staff and ser\ed on the Senior Pla\ 
Publicity (Committee. Much of his time is spent with his two 
hobbies, dancing and coin-collection. His chief academic m 
terest is accounting, which field he expects to enter. 

"V'ersatility" is synonymous with Phyl. She will be re- 
membered most by her classmates for her sweet singing \oice 
A member of Glee Club for four years, she has brightened 
many a concert with a charming solo. Besides her musical 
talent she has a flair for writing. For three years Phyl ha- 
been on the Lookout Staff and this >ear has been Co-Editor 
She has also been a \aluable member of the ^'earbook I:di 
torial Staff. ,-\n excellent athlete and a wonderful sport, Ph> I 
has participateti in girls' basketball, softball, tennis, field hoc- 
ke>-, and Rifle (;iub, Outsiile of school she has earned her 
Red Ooss lifesas er's badge in swimming. I ler friendliness, 
thuughtfulness, and sweetness will make Ph\ 1 a true sLiccess 
in nursing. 

JOSEPH i:i)\\.\Rl) DE ROCHE 
Joe is that care-free redhead always in the center of the 
sports activities. He has been active in football, intramural 
basketball, howling, and golf. .As a golfer he outshines all his 
classmates. In fact we expect to see him win the National 
Open in the near future. We are sure that his determination 
and ambition gained through sports will aid him in business 

Page Sixty-one 

Barb is a class leader. Instinctively tactful and pleasant, 
she deserves her popularity. Barb's main outside interests 
are music and sports. She is a star in girls' basketball, a good 
player in several other sports, and a feminine rarit>- — a true 
baseball fan. Her fine portraval of the comical "Miss Bourne" 
in the Senior Play v\as a memorable performance. Barb 
further demonstrated her efficiency as a member of the Senior 
Play Executive Committee, the Senior Party Committee, and 
as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Oracle. .An honor student 
throughout high school, Barb will surely find successs at 
Katharine Gibbs. 

Kay is an energetic lass who has the ability to create an 
atmosphere of fun. With the aid of her subtle humor and 
bright remarks, she has become a favorite among her class- 
mates. .As a sports writer for the Lookout Statf. she has dis- 
played her talents as a reporter. During her Senior vear, she 
served on the Senior Play Property (Committee and the Grad- 
uation Decoration (Committee. She mav well be proud of her 
skill in photography and dancing, the two hobbies to which 
she de\-otes much of her time. Katherine plans to become an 
office worker and to further her business education in night 

The saying that "lovely things come in small packages" 
is especially true in the case of Short>'. lier likable person- 
ality is eviiient when first \ ou see her smiling face. 1 ler 
witty remarks and joking manner ha\e brightened man\ a 
dull day. .Always willing to coojierate. Short> is admired b\- 
all of her classmates. In addition to ushering at the Senior 
Play, she has sung in the Chorus. She likes to swim and howl, 
to mention but a few of her acti\ities. I ler heart's desire is 
to be a sales girl in a record store. We know she will please 
e\er.vone, for, with her sweetness, how can she help it?' 

Charlie is undoubteilly one of the best known members 
of his class. He is a great lo\er of sports and has pla>ed 
football his first two years, and home-room baNketball at 
e\ery opportunity. One of our more sophisticated bo\ ^. he 
manages at the same time to be one of our friendliest I his 
frientiliness. coupleil with his willingness to help others, is the 
>ecret of his personality. (Iharlie hopes to attend I'ufts Col- 
lege where we are sure he will be as well liked and as happ\ 
as he has been with us for the past four vears. Whate\er he 
nia\- ilo. we wish him the best of wishes for a happ\ lile. 

Page Si\t.\-tW() 

"Chunkie," as Mary is called by her friends, is alwavs 
hubbiing with energy and life. Mary was a member of the 
Cilee Club her freshman and sophomore years, and served on 
the Makeup Committee for the Senior Play. Her hobbies are. 
as you might expect, swimming and dancing. \Ye hope that 
she ne\er loses her vi\acitv. 

V j 

"Beanie" is that likable lass with the big brown eves. .\ 
truly wonderful sport, she has participated in many of the 
girls' activities including golf and bowling. She has worked 
diligently on the Usher ami Candy (Committee for the Senior 
Play and has proved her typing ability by serving on the 
Classbook Staff. Her hobbies are dancing, bowling, and skat 
ing. She plans to become a secretarv in which position her 
perseverance and accuracy will assist her. 

.\long with her conscientious work in her studies and her 
unassuming manner, this sweet little blonde has one of the 
merriest natures we know. Her interest in playing the piano 
and in dancing has helped her gain steadfast friends. She 
has proved to be capable and hardworking both in the Short- 
hand Club in her junior year, and on the Publicity Com- 
mittee for the Senior Play. With her cordiality and her abilitv 
Rita will be well liked in her chosen role of office worker. 

Because of her sinceritv and friendliness. Joannie has 
gained a host of loyal and admiring friends among her fellow 
students. Her activities are numerous. In her freshman year 
she sang in the Glee C^lub; and in her sophomore vear she be- 
came a member of the Chorus. Her membership in the Short- 
hand Club displaved her seriousness for her work in the com- 
mercial field. During her fourth vear. she worked on the 
Senior Play Wardrobe Committee and joined the .\uto-Driv- 
ing Class. .Among her many hobbies, skiing, ice skating, ami 
dancing rank highest with her. We shall miss Joan. 

Page Sixty-three 

Vivacious Shirl is one ol our most popular girls, ii" \ou 
iooi<ed to the ends of the earth, \-ou would never find a sweeter, 
more likable person, I ler willingness has been proved b>' her 
sp.lendid cooperation on the Sophomore Hop Committee and 
on the (^lassbook Staff. She was also an active member of 
the Student (Council and Inter Nos for three >'ears. Her excel- 
lent portrayal of "Julia," which won her fame in the Senior 
Play, will never be forgotten. Shirle\'s ambition is to become 
an actress, and she plans to attend l.eland Powers School of 
Dramatics. We know that with her work, talent, and zest for 
acting she will succeed in her chosen career. 


\l first glance George appears to be a rather lad. 
but once you know him. you fmd he has all the characteristics 
of a real pal. .Always up to some mischief, he appreciates a 
good joke even upon himself. His sincerit>' and grand sense 
of humor will prove invaluable to him after he enters the L . S. 

15ecause her attractive peliteness carries an endles> amount 
of liveliness anil happiness, "Ricky" has become a girl whom 
her classmates ailore, .Mthough she has an enthusiasm lor all 
sliorls. she spends much of her leisure time ice skating and 
bowling. .An interest in her future vocation led her to join 
the Shorthand (^lub in her junior vear. 1 ler service on the 
Graduation Decoration (Committee, in addition to her assist- 
ance on the Senior Play Publicitv Committee, proved her 
business abilitv and willingness to cooperate. Whether she 
becomes a stenographer or a bookkeeper, we know that Rosalie 
will be an efficient and conscientious worker. 

( )ur peppv head cheerleader is one ol ilie ninsi popular 
girls at Wakelield High School She has been an active mem- 
ber of the Glee i'Auh and the Inter Nos VAiib Renee. who 
spends most of her spare time in plaving the piano, likes to 
tiance and chat with her friends With her vivacitv and en- 
thusiasm she is sure to be a success at the .Modern School ol 
I ashion and Design. 

Page Sixty-four 

One of our sports-minded seniors is Barb. She has been 
an energetic basketball forward and has succeeded in becoming 
one of our highe.->t scorers. During her four years in high 
school she has also been a Softball star with a long list ol 
homeruns to her credit. She has also been a faithful tirum 
majorette. In addition she has a reporter's nose for sports 
news and writes accurate accounts of our teams for the Look- 
out. .As might be expected, she enjoys dancing. Barb plan~. 
to attend Burdett College next year. 

Ruthie is the girl with the smile that reveals her sunn\ 
disposition. She was an able worker on the Senior Parts 
(Committee and she also was on the Usher and (^andy Com- 
mittee for the Senior Play. In her freshman year she was a 
member of the Clee (]lub. lier ability as a typist is illustrated 
bv the work she did for the Classbook. This experience in 
t>ping should serve as good training for the office work she 
plans to do following graduation. 

Do you remember that sweet majorette with the winsome 
personality? That's right — it's (^harl Fimllay. Her earnest 
efforts to be a gooil baton twirler were certainly rewarded. 
She helped make the Majorettes' Dance and the New ^■ear■s 
Frolic great successes. In aildition she has been active in 
bowling, a member of the (Classbook Business Staff, the Look- 
out, and the Senior Prom ('ommittee. .\fter graduation she 
plans to v\(irk at 1 ever Brothers until she enters Maiden 
Business School in the fall. With your diligence and good 
humor. Charl, vou will he tops in your class. 


Norm has set his sights on the Navy, which he plans to 
join in June. lust bevond this goal he sees a career in elec- 
tricity and welding. At school he has enjo\ed \arious acti\i- 
tips. With a fine tenor voice, he has been a member of the 
Glee Club for three years. He served also on the Lightin;.; 
and Sound Committee of the Senior Plav. He is. moref)ver. 
an ardent boatman and photographer. We're sure he'll go far 
with his engaging charm. 

Page Sixty-five 

Wally is one of those jovial fellows who can alv\a>s be 
found whenever there is fun. lie is readily recognized bv his 
long stride and his quick, likable grin. His easy going manner 
and his carefree attitude give him a nonchalant air admired 
by his classmates. We are sure the Wakefield High's loss will 
be the L'. S. Navy's gain. 

Marjorie is one of our fellow students who hails Irom 
Lynnfield Center. To most of us she is known as Margie. 
She has not been active in any of the school sports, but she 
has been an enthusiastic rooter at our football ami baseball 
games. She was a member of the Sophomore Hop Committee 
and she worked also on the Wardrobe Committee of the Senior 
Pla>-. Her hobby is skating. The L^niNersitv of Massachu- 
setts can expect to receive an excellent stuilent when .Margie 
enters there next fall. 

.lANEr DOROllh 1 OS I IR 
Janet is one of the most popular and ambitious members 
of our class. "Pinkie," as she is called by her friends, has 
participated in such activities as bowling and golf, has been 
an enthusiastic member of the Inter Nos and Sports C^lubs, 
Wardrobe (Committee of the Senior Pla\'. and (^lassbook Staff. 
Janet is \er\' capable and she works hard at whatever task she 
is given. In whatever spare time she can lintl. she enjovs knit- 
ting and swimming. |-nrollment at 1 asell Junior (College is 
her chief goal at present. 

In his lour vears in high school lort has raled highlv 
with his classmates. His witty remarks and fun loving per- 
sonality ha\'e prov ed him to be everybody's frientl. I lis en- 
thusiasm for sports is shown in his outstamling football abil- 
ity. In his (juarterback position, his superb passing has ac- 
countetl for manv of Wakefield's touchtlowns .Mso included 
in his sports program are baseball anti homeroom basketball 
I lis efliciencv and alertness as a Homeroom President have 
been evident this vear. .After graduation, lort plans to enter 
a college preparatory school, antl then to proceed with his 
slutlies t(i become a teacher. 

Page Sixtv-six 

Martha, one of our most brilliant students, helped loyally 
and enthusiastically in making our Classhook a success. She 
is sincere, cooperative, tjuiet, and unassuming. In addition to 
her sincerity, her delightful sense of humor has gained her 
many a friend. Among Martha's many pastimes are music, 
swimming, and v\atching Major League Baseball. Because of 
her lovable nature and her academic record, she has a glow- 
ing future ahead in her college career. 


If you think she is a serious miss, you are mistaken. ()ur 
Shirley has an ever-ready sense of humor — a treasure whicli 
has endeared her to her friends. Among her activities she 
lists Cdee Club in her freshman year. Sophomore Hop ('om- 
mittee. Inter Nos. (^lass Motto and Color Committee, and 
the Senior Play Decorating (Committee. This pleasant girl 
ne\'er misses a Wakefield High football game, and she has 
played a valuable part on the girls' basketball and badminton 
teams. Her skill in knitting is remarkable, and another 
pastime in which she is proficient in swimming. After grad- 
uation she will attend the ("hantller Secretarial School to be- 
come a medical secretary. 

A quiet girl is Margaret, who reserves her livelier mo- 
ments for her intimate friends. I ler athletic ability was evi- 
dent when she was a member of the golf and baseball teams 
in her sophomore and junior years. She served on the bowling 
team in her sophomore and junior years, and is still often 
found in the bowling alley demonstrating her skill. .Mthough 
she has been modest concerning it. Margaret is an accom- 
plished pianist. She has gone far towards her ambition to be 
a legal secretary, and we are sure she will be an efficient one 

"Coach." as Bill is known in the gymnastic circle, has 
been one of our hard luck athletes. For the first three years 
he trained hard to play football. Then, at the beginning of 
his senior year as he began to see the fruit of his work, he 
received a back injurv which presented him from ever plav- 
ing football again. During Bill's last two \ears. he has been 
a leader in the Posture Group. Ihis year he has spent much 
time in making the Sports Club's activities a success. His 
hobbies are woodworking, shooting, and acrobatics He is 
planning to become an instructor in physical education. 

Page Sixty -seven 

Good-looking, likable, and talented, Junie is one of our 
outstanding musicians. During his four years at Wakefield 
High School, his piano and sweet, mellow trombone have 
brought him success and popularity. His ardent work on the 
Senior Play Property Committee and the Classbook Business 
Staff, along with his faithfulness in the band for three years, 
proves that he is both cooperative and capable. The New 
England Conser\atory of Music beckons this accomplished 
pianist. We are anticipating his first concert. 

Janice is an ambitious stutlent who plans to enter Boston 
University. Her pleasing personality and genuine friendhness 
will help her greatly in her work in the social field. She bears 
no grudges and is a true friend to all. "Jan" sang in the Glee 
Club her first, second, and fourth years, and belonged to Inter 
Nos in her third year. She also has been an acti\e member 
of the Ski Club and the Lookout StafT, and she has ser\ed on 
the Senior Play and Wardrobe Committees. Janice likes to 
ski, swim, and skate. We hope her ambition to travel around 
the world will be fulfilled. 

"G," an unobtrusi\e member of our class, has made him- 
self known through his athletic ability. Many a tough f ool • 
ball game has been puUeil through bv his spirit and desire to 
win. He played homeroom basketball for two \ears and was 
a member of the Band in his freshman vear He has serveil 
also as (^o-chairman of the Properl\ Commitlee for the Senior 
Play. Much of his time has been in the Woodwurking Shop 
where he excels. Wherever a helping hand is needed, he is 

A cheery "Hi, there!" announces the arrival of our pepp>. 
petite Gerry. Her friendl>' nature and her jolly laugh are but 
two of her pleasing attributes. If determination means suc- 
cess, we're sure that Lorraine, in her lieKI of .\rm> nursing, 
will soon init some liickv soklier back on the road to health. 

Page Sixtv-eight 

Dignified Joan plans to make office work her career. To 
obtain further training she has assisted in the high school 
office for two vears. She assisted her classmates by serving 
on the Senior Play Make-Up Committee. Her two favorite 
hobbies are dancing and participating in sports, and her bas- 
ketball playing and bowling have received much admiration. 
We shall remember Joan as a sincere friend and a loyal stu- 
dent of Wakefield High School. 

Those of us who saw the Senior Play, The Ghost Tram. 
will always remember this l.ynnfield lad for his superb por- 
trayal of Teddie Deakin, better known as Detective Inspector 
Morrison of Scotland Yard. The foremost thought in every- 
one's mind was "He must be a professional." Dave is a polite 
boy with a grand sense of humor and cooperation. He has 
gained a host of friends during his four years here, and he has 
strengthened these friendships bv working hartl on the Look- 
mil Staff. Glee Club, Senior Play, and the Ftditorial Staff and 
.Art Staff of the Classbook. David's talents are not limited 
to the theatrical field, though. He is equallv highlv qualified 
to be a commercial artist in some future dav. The .Massa- 
chusetts School of .\rt is going to gain a capable and likable 
student in the fall. 

"Gibbie" has what you might call a fl> ing bug. 1 le lias 
scored high many times, not onlv in a plane but also vsith hi> 
friends. His explosive smile and debonair attitude amuse all 
his friends. Gib plans to study mechanics. No doubt he will 
continue his interest in aviation. Probablv he will ha\'e ver\' 
few downwinds in his flight through life. He is an outstand- 
ing classmate and a true friend. 


Jack is the boy with that infectious smile and pleasant 
personality. No matter how blue you may be, he is sure to 
cheer you. If an argument is what you want, don't go to 
Jack, for he is known to be one of the best-natured bo>s at 
Wakefield High School. Among his hobbies are hunting and 
fishing, l-'or the past two years he has been an active mem- 
ber of the Rifle Club. After graduation he plans to enter an 
engineering school. 

Page Sixtv-nine 

Although Johnny is a bit taciturn, he has not gone through 
tour years of high school without making his share of friends. 
lie is dependable and is always glad to help with whatever he 
can. During his sophomore and junior years, he was a mem- 
ber of the Rifle Club. 1 hen he joined the \]i-\ of which he 
is still an acti\e member. He expects to continue his educa- 
tion in the I nited States Armv. 


Bill's athletic ability distinguishes him. He has pla>ei.l 
football for three \ears and baseball for two years. His tjuiet, 
studious manner might fool one, but underneath he possesses 
a line hense of humor. He has been a diligent worker ()n both 
the Junior Prom Committee and the Classbook Business Staff. 
I le hopes to become a doctor, and, if he does, we shall be 
among his iuckv patients. 


l>n is that attractive girl from Greenwood. 1 hrouglKJUt 
the school years, she has kept busy with extra-curricular 
activities including Glee ('lub. Girls' C^horus. bowling, and the 
Senior F^arty Committee. Dancing is one of her favorite 
pastimes. She plans to work in the office of the Boston and 
Maine Railroad after grailuation. 

The abilitv to mingle with her associates and friends and 
her raiiiant disposition insure for Claire a promising future. 
Her bubbling personalitv has won her man\ a friend. She 
enjoys acting, as we realized by her excellent performance 
in the Senior Plav She is another of the industrious girls 
we see hurrving through the corridors. What keeps her so 
busy? Sports, reading, socials. Inter Nos, Lookout, and danc- 
ing. Claire's ambition is to obtain her degree in nursing. We 
know her patients will never be m low spirits while Claire is 
arouml, and it is a sure bet that her corner of life will ripple 
wilh an undercurrent of merriment. 

Page Seventy 

Barb is a friendly, likable member of our class. During 
her four years at Wakefield High, she has been interested in 
sports, participating in golf, bowling, and basketball. She 
has worked diligently as Co-chairman of the Wardrobe Com- 
mittee of the Senior Play, and has been an editor on the Class- 
book. Her pastimes include roller skating, swimming, ami 
horseback riding. She will enroll at Kathleen Dell, a secre 
tarial school, to fit herself for the position of confidential sec- 

Without j. C. Hacker, that tall, good-looking lad. our 
class just woultl not be complete. His activities during his 
four years here are numerous, lie went out for football in 
his freshman year and was also homeroom manager, lie was 
elected for three years to Student Council, where he proved 
himself most valuable. He belonged to Ski Club in his junior 
vear and served as secretary of the club in his senior year. 
.Mso in his last year he ser\ed on the F'hotography ani.1 Senior 
Party (Committees In our Senior Play. John certainlv acteti 
the part of a frustrated husband to perfection. His friendlv 
manner has brought him an abundance of frien^K \\ho know 
he is headed for success. 

Dick is not an overactive member of his class, but on the 
contrary, is a sincere ami conscientious worker. He is rather 
reserved in his ways, hut the opposite in his studies Dick 
was on the junior Prom f'dmmittee his third vear and the 
Senior Partv Committee his senior vear. His hobby is skating, 
and no doubt there will be smoother ice for Dick in his chosen 
field, accounting. 

Dave came from IVlelrose High at the beginning of the 
sophomore year. At Melrose, he had already exhibited an 
interest in athletics by playing baseball. Lor the past three 
\ears he has been one of the best fielders on the baseball team 
and a most consistent hitter. This year Dave was elected to 
the Business Staff of the (]lassbook. where he worked hard 
for its success. Ranking high among his hf)bbies are horses 
and sports. When Dave leaves for Boston College next year 
we shall miss his affable manner ami his keen JLidgment. 

Page Seventy-one 

One of the most conscientious members of our class i.; 
Billy. He is best remembered for his effective hockey. Those 
of us who have seen him practicing and playing know how 
much his support has aided Wakefield in having one of the 
best teams in the state. Billy's three hockey letters are the 
well-earned bounty for all his efforts. In his spare time, he 
likes horseback riding. Next year Billy plans to go to prepara- 
tory school and then to Northeastern L-niversitv. 

Dick Hammer is a sports minded fellow His active par- 
ticipation in the Ski Club during his junior and senior >ears. 
and his outside interest in swimming, hockey, football and all 
other sports make Dick one of the most athletic members of 
our class. His versatile abilities are clearly demonstrated bv 
his activities during his Senior year. He was a leading mem- 
ber of the Senior Plav Lxecutive (Committee for our Senior 
Play. Our class historv conmiittee has decided that Dick is 
the best fitted to write the class history and he is attatking 
this difTicult job with the same ambition which characterizes 
his work on the Yearbook liditorial Staff, .\fter graduating 
from high school, Dick plans to become an architect and a 
plumbing and heating contractor. We all hope that his future 
life will be as happv and successful as his school career has 


I ook who IS coming ilown the corridor! It\ B(ib, one of 
our most loval classmates. Always shall we remember him as 
Saul lloilgkin. the station master, in the Senior Plav. .\fter 
graduating he hopes to enter prep school anil then transfer 
to an engineering school. He also wishes to linish three more 
years in the V. S. N. R., V-6 Organized Division 1-5. Robert 
was in the Boys' Clee (^lub his freshman year, he was a mem- 
ber of the Sophomore Hop Committee and orchestra manager 
his sophomore and junior years, a member of the Band, and 
of the Christmas Party Dance Committee his Senior ^ ear. 
.\mong his many hobbies are engines, cars, aiul boats. We 
shall miss him! 

Barb is a sincere person who is always willing to lend a 
helping hand. Her varied activities include basketball, bowling. 
Softball, Inter Nos Club, Class C^olor (Committee, aiul Senior 
Play Make-Lip Committee. She always tries to do her best 
reganlless of problems involved. We are certain that some- 
ilav she will prove to be a valuable secrelarv 

Page Se\ent>-two 

Barb is the pretty miss with the lovely brown hair arni 
the fascinating smile. Her sincerity and devotion to ail her 
friends have made her one of the best-liked girls of our class 
Fler wit and her deep appreciation of others will remain in 
our memory. We wish her the best of success in the world of 

Ronnie's shy smile and modest manner make him appear 
to be a rather reticent lad at first aci|uaintance, but when 
you know him better, vou find that he possesses all the char- 
acteristics of a real pal and a good sport. He is well known 
by his flashy clothes and his lo\e of imprt)\ing his car. 
Ronnie's sincerity and keen sense of humor ha\e helped him 
win permanent friends. To mention but one of his man\ 
accomplishments is to call him a proficient swimmer. Ronnie 
plans a future in the L'. S. Navy. We know that he will 
make a fine admiral. Don't disappoint us, now! 


.\n amiable personality anti a dignified manner are onl\ 
two of the many qualities that Norma possesses. She is one 
of those rare persons who seem to radiate friendliness. Her 
ready smile, neat appearance, and her good-natured attitude — 
along with her conscientious efforts — will be invaluable aids 
to her either as a bookkeeper or a stenographer. 


L nobtrusively, John is a class leader. Conscientious and 
brilliant, he is an outstanding student. Everything he under- 
takes is done thoroughl\- and well. But John is by no mean- 
a grind, for he has manv interests. To know him is to like 
him. His perpetually amiable disposition has gained him many 
friend^. His high school activities include two \ears of Span- 
ish Club, the Senior Pla\- Publicitv C'ommittee. and the Class- 
book Editorial StafT. Quite interesteii in sports, he plays an 
excellent game of golf. .-Mthough his future after Boston Col- 
lege is indefinite. John, alwa>s a gentleman, is assured of a 
notable career. 

Page Sevent\ -three 

If you ever see a professional hockey player nicknamed 
Duna. you'll know he is an alumnus of Wakefield High '49 and 
was one of their best hockey players. Duna has plaved hockey 
his last two years at Wakefield and as captain has led the 
1949 Team to an admirable record. He v\as also elected to 
the Student Council his Senior year, serving his term of office 
very diligently. Lucky is the prep school or college that will 
have this blue-eyed fellow with the crew hair-cut in its en- 

We know when Jean is in the room, because she stems to 
be the center of attraction, especially in whispering. She 
always has something exciting to talk about. .Although Jean 
has not taken part in many of the school's sport actisities. 
she is nevertheless one of our strong supporters. She was a 
member of the Glee Club her freshman year and of the Chorus 
her sophomt)re year. Jean also has been a member of the 
Inter Xos Club, has played on the Softball team, has been a 
member of the bowling team, has ser\ed on the Junior Prom 
(Committee, and also worked as a member of the Business StalT 
of the Classbook. .After graduating Jean intends to go to 
l.a^ell Junior (College. 

1 low ie has spent his four high school years making friends, 
lie is a good sport ami is always eager to help an\(>ne. W- 
though he has ne\er ilone anything spectacular in school, he 
will alwavs be consideretl as one of Wakefield's good students. 
In the future Howie plans to join the I iiited States Naw. .\ 
desire to travel is one of the reasons for this preference. 

JOYCE iiol;i,der 

J(i> !S fond of all sports and has been a member of the 
Held iiockey and archer> teams. She has ser\ed also on the 
Senior Play ("ommittee and the Lookout Staff, .\fter high 
school, Joyce hopes to become a legal secretar\'. During the 
lime she has worked on the Lookout Staff, she pro\ed to be 
a willing and efficient worker, well c|ualified to go into exact- 
ing work. Luck\' will W the attorne\' who has |o>ce for his 

Page Seventy-four 

Is Betty happvr Could anyone not see at a moment's 
glance that she is? Her friendly smile and manner serve as 
passports which we are sure could take her around the world. 
She loves caring for dogs. Lucky animals! An expert at 
roller-skating and dancing, she has participated also in many 
of our school activities such as Softball and basketball. She 
worked hard on the Class Prophecy Committee. Some of her 
tirawings and cartoons are in this bf)ok, for \'ou see, she was 
on the Class Art Staff. We know that _vou will make us proml 
of \()U. Bettv! 


Janet lises bv the rule. "Silence is golden," Her gentle- 
ness and kinilness makes her a credit to the class. Jan is a 
true friend, willing and generous. She served on the gift com- 
mittee and the Make-up Committee for the Senior Play. The 
Ghost Train. Janet enjoys howling and likes to dance. At 
present she has ambition to become a medical secretarv. 


A sense of humor and a friendly disposition are prominent 
characteristics of Lena. In her four \ears at Wakefkki High, 
she has made manv friends. Her jovial manner is alwa\s 
present to cheer us up on an otherwise gloom v day. In her 
sophomore year, she was an active member of the (Chorus 
.\mong her many hobbies are dancing and horseback riding, 
in both of which she excels, .\i present she is working for a 
desirable secretarial position. 

Elsie is one of our outstanding students. Brilliant and 
modest, she does an\- job well. Her services were welcome on 
the Class Gift Committee and the Senior Pla\- Wardrobe Com- 
niittee. By participation in basketball, badminton, and bowT 
ing. she has shown her versatility in sports. Business school 
is her destination after high school. Fortunate indeed wifl 
be the office that receives Elsie's sweetness, cooperation, anti 

Page Seventy-five 

Bui.1 is the boy that you always see with a smile on his 
face. His chief activity has been the Rifle Club of which 
he has been an active member for the past three years. He 
is now Vice President of this energetic group. Guns, camping, 
and hunting constitute his main interests. He wants to go to 
college next year and is striving for Amherst. 

ilarry is one of those dependable boys without whose 
presence a class could not function. .Although he has not 
played in many of the school's sports, he has been a loyal 
rooter at the games. To a few of us he is known as "Swede." 
Throughout his four years of high school Harry has partici- 
pated in various activities such as the following: freshman 
and sophomore basketball, a member of the Sophomore Hop 
("ommittee. Co-Chairman of the Stage Crew for the Senior 
Play, and last of all, he was on the (^lassbook StatT. .Although 
Ilarry was not on the baseball team, he excels in this sporl. 
his hobby. Next September will lind him in Bentle\- School 
of Accounting. 

"Gabby" is full of laughter and fun, ami always the center 
of gay repartee. She is a great siiorts enthusiast who never 
misses a school game in any sport. She plans to attend the 
University of Massachusetts, where she will stud\' journalism. 
Enid joined the Horseback Riding Gluh during her first >ear. 
.\s a senior she was the Sports Editor of the Lookout and 
was on the Senior Play Decorating Gommittee We know 
linid will be a good journalist because of the excellent work 
she has done on the sports column in the Lookout 

Idmmy, who comes from 1 \ imlield. In well known for 
his happv, carefree manner. During his \ears at Wakelielii 
High he has been a member of the Ski (llub. has served on 
the Property (Committee of the Senior Plaw and has worked 
hard on the Business StalT of the Glassbook. Tom has plaved 
many sports in his spare time 1 lis favorite game is hocke\- 
which he has playeii for several years. Next to hocke\ , there 
is nothing he likes better than to pitch a good baseball game. 
When he leaves Wakefield High School, he is going to enter 
I he medical profession. 

Page Se\enlv-six 


Friendliness! That's Claire — beloved by all. To know 
her is to like her. She certainly will till the qualifications ol 
being a hostess or a receptionist as she plans to be in the 
future. Claire has taken part in numerous sports as well as 
in social atTairs. She excelled in bowling, basketball, field 
hocke.N', golf, archery, and tennis — plus helping out in the 
office ancl belonging to Inter Nos and Chorus. She says her 
hobbies are dancing and going on long trips. We know one 
trip that she is sure to take — the e.xpress train to success. 

Jay is one (.)f the most popular members of our class, as 
a look at her school activities shows. In her freshman >eai 
she belonged to the Glee Club. In her third and fourth >ears 
she has been a member of the Lookout Staff. For three terms 
she has served faithfully on the Student Council, and in this 
last year has officiated as secretary-. In her Senior year she 
was elected Homeroom President, and worked on the Make- 
Up Committee of the Senior Play and on the Senior Prom 
Committee. Her plans for the future call for additional 
training in art. 


This easy-going gal, although somewhat dillidenl, is a 
friend of all in Wakefield High School. During her high 
school years Janice participated in many sports, among them 
houling. field hockev. and basketball. She continued in the 
Inter \'f)s C^lub through her second and third .\ears, at the 
same time ser\ ing on the Lookout Staff. She was a member 
of the follov\ing committees: Inter Nos Tea Committee. 
Sophomore I lop Committee, and The Property Committee 
for the Senior Play. Although she is undecided as to her 
future career, her loyalty and steadfastness will make her a 
willing worker in whatever she decides. 


"Cal." as she is known throughout the school, has been 
a leader here. She has been adviser of the Inter Nos Club 
and Grooming Club, a member of the Student Council in her 
junior \ear. an active member of the sophomore and junior 
bowling teams, and has worked on the Lookout for the past 
three years, serving now as Co-Editor. Her special feature 
on the school paper is the first read by the students because 
of its sagacity and novel jokes. Despite her popularitv and 
fashionable appearance, she has remained unaffected and 
friendly. .\nd her record collection is reallv something to 
hear! After graduation she hopes to attend a junior college 
and eventually enter radio or magazine writing. 

Page Seventv-seven 

Eseryone who knows George appreciates his good nature. 
But do not let his quiet manner fool you, for George is always 
ready for fun and a practical joke or two. He has shown his 
ability to cooperate by his excellent work as a member of the 
Senior Play Property Committee. As a student George has 
been a consistent Honor Roll pupil, and, regardless of what 
he may plan for the future, we are sure that he will be a 
leader in ci\ic affairs. 

.\lthough Bill has not been long in Wakefield High School, 
he has impressed us. This handsome fellow with the rcail\ 
smile has car\'ed his own niche in the hearts of his fellow 
classmates. ,^t Eynn English he was a member of the band 
and the art club. Being so talented a drummer and artist, 
it is a wonder he is not torn between the two. But Bill plans 
to attend an art school, that is, if he doesn't join the Navy. 
.\n\wa>'. there is smooth sailing aheail for this "\oLnig salt." 

Iriendly and jovial. Arlene is everybody's friend. 1 ler 
willingness to help others proves this. Demonstrating her 
school spirit by her innumerable activities, Arlene is always 
in the limelight. She has been a faithful, ardent member of 
Inter .N'os for four >'ears, the third year of which she was 
Treasurer. Her other activities include Lookout. Student 
(Council, Senior Play EAecutive Committee, Senior Plav L sher. 
anti S<iuare Dance Committee. Knitting and dancing are her 
favorite hobbies. We know that, because of her fondness for 
people, /\rlene will be outstanding in her chosen career as an 
airline reservationist. 

Midge's charm, personalitv. and friendliness are respons- 
ible for her popularilv. Her junior vear founil her serving 
long ami anluously on the Prom (lommittec. ,\s a cheer- 
leader in her Senior >ear. Marjorie supported her school tiams 
wholehearted! v. She was also an usher at the Senior Plav 
I ht' Ghosi Trail!. Membership on various committees and 
service as homeroom manager further occutiied her lime 
Swimming and tiancing are her favorite Imbbies She will 
enter the business world in September. 

Page Seventy-eight 

Bill is known to e\er>one for his excellent skiing abilits. 
Although skiing is his favorite sport, he also excels in swim- 
ming, sailing, football, baseball, golf, and tennis. Because 
of his lo\able personality, he wins friends daily. He has 
served on the Junior Prom Committee and has been one of 
the most ardent supporters of the Ski Club. This year as 
Co-chairman of the Senior Play Committee he worked very 
diligentlv to make our plav a success. .After graduation. Bill 
will studv engineering at Cornell L ni\ersity. We know that 
he will be a success there and where\er he ma\' go. 

.\t first glance at this girl vou might wonder whether \-oii 
were in Wakefield High School or in a beautv contest. S'es 
indeed. Feme surely is classified as one of the best looking 
members of her class. But she has other achievements. She 
v a^ an enthusiastic supporter of our Fditorial Staff of our 
C^lassbook plus giving much time to the Senior Pla\- Part\ 
anil I shers and Cantiv Committee. Because of her diligence 
in these tasks, we know that she will become an able dietician 
.Vlan\' persons will eat spinach anil drink milk gladlv when 
thev find out who supervised their diets. Can you honestl\ 
blame them? 

Our Catherine has distinguished herself throughout her 
four vears of high school by her musical abilitw In her 
freshman year she sang in the Glee Club: she pro\ed herself 
an able accompanist with the Chorus for two \ears. anil for 
the Glee Club her iunif)r \ear. This \ear Cathy hati the 
Ptkied honor of plaving the piano in the school orchestra 
She has also participateil in basketball, field hockew bowling, 
Softball, golf, and the Ski Club: and this vear. in addition she 
h.Ts been an inxaluable secretar\' on the Classbook Staff 
Sbe will enter Simmons College to train as a public health 
nurse Her consideration for others and her high scholastic 
rerord assure us that she has chosen wiselv. 

Johnnie is usuallv found in the midst of a H\el\- ba^^eball 
H''sci";si('n. He has proved his ability to plav baseball on 
the Y M. C .A. team. He 's rathe auiet. but reallv sa^^ 
something when he sneaks. If vou don't know him. \ou're 
missing a grand friend who will be serving in the U. S. .\rm\ 
in fune. 

Page Seventy-nine 

Roy has served his class faithfully as president for three 
years. His vigor and ability as co-captain of our football and 
basketball teams have changed many potential defeats into 
victories. Besiiies his athletic ability, he has ser\ed on the 
Student Council and the Lookout Staff. His popularity is 
largely due to his sincerity and unselfishness. We predict a 
promising career for him. 

A radiant personality and warm, genuine friendliness are 
the impressions one receives when talking with .\rt Loubris. 
His sincerity makes him one of the most popular boys in 
school. He was appointed to serve on the Prom (Committee 
during his junior year, where he earned the reputation of being 
a hard-worker and a completely depemiable fellow. .\s a 
member of the Senior Plav Stage Crew he wt)n acclaim for 
his efficiency. As soon as he graduates from Wakefield High 
he plans to enroll in the Forestry Course at the L'ni\ersity 
of Maine. 

I suallv found in the midst of all the fun, Joe is one of 
the best-natured boys at W. II. S. No matter how i.iark the 
outlook may he. he is always ready with a smile. His wit 
anil genial personality endear him to his admirers. His out- 
stamling talent is his willingness to work, for he is a fellow 
that is always ready to lend a hand. .Mthough loe is uncertain 
about his future plans, we arc sure that he will he a >uccess 
in any field he may choose. 


I ucian is one of the \'ersatile members of our cla» I le 
IS interested in all sports, but he particularl\ enjoss football. 
Dining his four years at Wakelield High, he has been an active 
member of the football si|uad. When not participating in 
team sports. Irank likes to hunt. He also was an industrious 
member of the Stage Crew for the Senior Pla\. I rank is 
lookin" forward to a career as a construction engineer. 

Page Eighty 

Vivacious Jeannie is a sure cure for the lilues. But do 
not let fun loving Jeannie fool you, for she is really a capable 
and conscientious worker. In her freshman \ear she sang 
in the Glee Club, and she served on the Sophomore Hop Com- 
mittee. Her efforts on the Lsher C^ommittee of the Senior 
Play were appreciated. She plans to continue working for 
the Telephone Company, and her cheery "hello," along with 
her friendly and courteous attitude will certainly [irove a 
great factor in her success. 

lo know Jeannie is to love her. lier unassuming manner 
has endeared her to her many friends. Those who are more 
intimately acciuaintcd with her know her as a witty and lively 
personality, having an ever ready collection of humorous 
anecdotes. She has been active in extra-curricular groups, 
including Glee Club and Inter Nos, and has served on the 
Class Prophecy (Committee and Editorial StafT of the Class- 
book. She was also an engaging usher at the Senior Play. 
Her understanding will assure her of success in her chosen 
profession, nursing. She expects to enter Melrose Hospital 
as a trainee in September. 

A sincere girl with a winsome smile tiescribes Barbara 
Because of her pleasant disposition, she is a welcome member 
in any class .\s an ardent worker on the Decorating (iom- 
mittee for the Senior Play, she showed her ingenuit>' ami 
good taste in carrving out the theme. She has been an active 
member of the Shorthand (llub also. Her favorite sports are 
skating and swimming. .At present she hopes to be a ilcntal 
hygienist and to help relieve the shortage in a medical field. 

(me of our most fashionable classmates, Marion has been 
the leader with novel ideas in clothes. Even though her 
reticent manner may give an erroneous first impression, her 
close friends know her as a talkative person. Many new 
students are indebted to Marion for her amicable reception 
and introductions to new friends. She has found time to be 
one of the pert and peppy majorettes at the games this year, 
in addition to serving on the class Color Committee and the 
.Make-lip Committee of the Senior Play. More of an athlete 
than she appears. Marion spends e\ery spare moment m the 
summer in canoeing and in swimming. .-\s a stylist she will 
he tops at the Modern Schf)ol of Fashion Design. 

Page Eighty-one 


Margaret seems to fit in an>v\here. She has man\ friends 
ynd always has something to do. Mac is a member of Inter 
Nos. Sports Club, and Spanish Club. Her sporting interests 
are found in badminton, bowling, basketball, and golf. She 
has also worked on the Senior Play Publicity Committee. She 
numbers among her pastimes piano playing. .-\t present her 
ambition is to become a dental hygienist. 

Pri->cilla, the girl with the beautiful auburn haii, i^ much 
admired. Lndoubtedly she has a host of friends because 
of her excellent sense of humor and her willing cooperation. 
Her sports activities include basketball, golf, and soltball. 
She has been a member of the Wardrobe Committee for the 
Senior Play, of the Inter Nos Club in her second \ear. and 
of the Shorthand Club in her third year. "Scilla" plans to 
attend a business school in September. 

RITA mahi;r 

Rita i> the girl with the Hashing smile and the fnendl> 
spirit. We can usuall\- lind Rita in the midst of laughter 
and chatter. Her lovable personalit> and her droll wil have 
cnlivenetl many an otherwise dull hour for her friends. .\s a 
hard worker and a good sluilent. Rita will make some execu- 
tive an excellent stenographer 

B.\Rn.\K.\ .MAN M.\l ONSON 
Petite Barbara is most easil\ recogni/.ed bv her vivacious 
Miiile. While there is mischief, Barb is sure to be found. 
I his classmate has been popular with both girls and bens 
throughout her four years at Wakelield High School. Humor 
ami umlerstamiing are some of the chief iiualitie> of her 
radiant personalitv. She has participaleii in sofiball anil 
bowling, she has supporteil the athletic contests, and she sold 
much candv at the Senior Pla> . .\mong her accomplishments 
are swimming, skating, and dancing. The Massachusetts 
School of .\rt will have a vvdrlhv student in Barbaia. 

Page Eighty-two 

A newcomer this year from Melrose High School, Mildred 
has not taken long to acquire many friends. To say that she 
is charming, pretty and friendly is to mention only a few of 
.Millies merits. .\n excellent swimmer, she is "that way" 
about sports and dancing alike. We needn't worry about 
.Millie's future, for she has all the essentials for success 
whether in the domestic or business world. 


girl with a sparkle in her eye is a bundle of energy 

She has ser\e(.l on the Senior Play Publicity Committee ani. 
the Menu Committee. Through Oracle Intelligence, we ser 
that her pet diversion is liancing. .\n ambitious lass, she plans 
to become a Certified Public .Accountant by continuing her 
etlucation at Bentley's School of .Xccounting. Jeanne will 
surely bring smiles anil good humor to her future associates. 


' Vangie." one of the spark plugs and gayest persons of 
our class, will certainly be a success wherever she ch(X)ses to 
go. She has taken an interest in many extra-curricular 
activities, as the follovying show: she pla>ed basketball when 
a freshman, belonged to the Inter-Nos, ami the bowling team 
her sophomore year, and in her Senior year she had a leailing 
part in the Senior Play. We certainly won't forget her 
portrayal of "Julia Price" in The (ihosl Trani. Best of luck 
to a swell girl. 

Barb is one of the most amiable girls in her class and 
also one of the best liked. She has been active in Inter Nos 
ami in the Girls' Glee C^.lub. Besides these activities, she has 
found time to work in the office, to be an understudy in 
the Senior Play, and to act as Vice-President of the Short- 
hand Club. She will enter a professional business school in 
September. In whatever walk of life she may follow, we 
extend our sincerest wishes for a full and happy career. 

Page Eighty-three 

Mary, or "Mac" as she is known to everyone, is a fun- 
loving girl. In any group of which she is a member, her 
witty chatter is a constant source of entertainment. During 
her high-school years she has been interested in all activities, 
particularly bowling. Her extra-curricular hobbies are dancing 
and swimming. Mary plans to be a receptionist in the 
near future and we believe that her pleasant manner and 
friendly smile will be eflfective in that capacitv . 

Mac is a girl who is to be greatly admired. While the 
rest of us froze and suffered with colds, she enjo>'ed the warm 
F-lorida sunshine. However, she did find time to become one 
of our peppiest cheerleaders before leaving to spend the 
winter months in sunny Florida. She is fond of dancing and 
all sports, although she has not had time to participate in 
manv extra curricular activities. She has earned many frienils 
all of whom join in wishing her a happy and successful future 

A lo>al member of our class is Boh. Three out of his 
four vears at Wakefield High he has participated in football 
His readiness for a good time is always a source of delight 
to his classmates. His favorite pastimes are hunting anil 
fishing. After graduation he plans to join the .Xrmv .\ir 
I'orce. where his ability to get along with others and to 
utilize new opportunities will help him immeasurablv. 

No introduction is needed for Ginna. I ler appealing 
smile and willingness to help others have made her one of 
our outstantling girls. I ler dependability is clearlv shown in 
the capable way she ofliciated as treasurer of the ^ri-lli-^' 
anil as a member of the Inter Nos. She has been an active 
member in such sports as basketball anil bowling. She also 
aikled to the sLiccess of the Senior Play bv working on the 
Property (Committee, .\fter graduation she plans to become 
a medical secretarv. laickv doctor! 

Page Eighty-four 


Len is, without doubt, one of the hest-liked members of 
the Senior Class, lie is always ready with a friendly greeting 
and a cheery word. He has participated in our intramural 
sports, and is a fine athlete. We fee! certain that he will be 
a great success in the U. S. Navy. 

.Madeline is a quiet and unassuming girl. These quali- 
ties have made her a loyal and considerate friend to many 
of her classmates. Madeline has always cooperated fully 
with teachers and students alike. She has been a diligent 
member of the Shorthand Club. Madeline's hobbies are free 
hand drav\ing and skating. She plans to become a steno- 
grapher or a typist. Madeline's honests' and sincerity will 
insure success. 

Joyce is easily recognized by her pleasant smile and 
sparkling personality. She is well liked by her many friends 
and her witty remarks are always a source of amusement. She 
has been an active member of our class and of the Classbook 
1'i.litorial Staff. Shorthand Club, and Sports Club. Basketball, 
badminton and bowling are a few of the many spt)rts in 
which she took part. 1 ler ambition is to be a secretar\. and 
her many ilesirable qualities in that lield will make her 
success inevitable. 

Bill is an energetic fellow who is known by his classmates 
for his deep interest in sports. That baseball is his favorite 
is revealed by his active participation in that sport for thret 
years. He also played on the Homeroom Basketball Team in 
his Junior and Senior years. Besides ser\ing on the Classbook 
Busmess Statf, he has worked expertlv on the Lighting and 
Sound Committee for the Senior Play. His lose for sports 
will continue through Tufts College, where he intends to 
study electrical engineering. 

Page Eighty-fi\e 

11 you see a friendly smile and a pair ol twinkling 
ha/el eyes, you have probably just passed Lorraine. She has 
a triendh'ness that captivates and a cordiality that puts one 
at ease. She is much interesteti in the arrangement of hair 
and plans to enter Wilfred .\cademy where she will train to 
become a professional beautician. Her natural talent on 
the Senior Play Make-L'p Committee was appreciated. Mem- 
bership in the Glee Club, as well as her participation in 
basketball and softball. are evidence of other interests. As a 
valued member of the Prophecy Committee she suppKeti 
amusing write-ups for all. 


Brockton's loss was Wakefield's gain when Leo Milotte 
transferreii to Wakefield High for his Senior vear. .\lthough 
he has only been at our school for four months, he has already 
established himself as an important member of the l^ort\- 
Niners. His Senior homeroom elected him as one of their 
representatives on the most important (^lass Photographer 
Committee. Leo's interests outside of school are centered in 
the great out-of doors. Fishing, hunting, and boating occup\ 
whatever spare time he has left. He also holds a part-time 
job as a shoe salesman in a Lynn department store This 
work interests him so much that he plans to make salesman- 
ship his vocation after graduation. We feel sure that I eo 
will make as much of a success of his life as he has of his 
brief career at Wakefield. 

.\n attractive and versatile member of our class is Patti. 
Her four years at Wakefiekl High have been busv. for she 
has been Co-Fditor of the Lockout, advisor to the Good 
Grooming (^lub, and a member of the Shorthand and Inter- 
Nos Clubs. Her hobbies inckule collecting recortis anii swim- 
ming. For the past vear Patti has been a model for Filene'^ 
1 li School Fashion Board, antl hopes to further her career of 
moileling b.v attending the Barbi/.on School of Modeling 

JANET al\rif: MOKIN 

I-\cr>one will recogni/.e this popular majorette. Her 
winning smile and congenialitv will enable her to go tar in 
her chosen career as a professional hairdresser Most ol her 
spare time is spent on her photograph album or her rec()rds 
She helped to make the Senior Play a success b\ working on 
the I'sher and Candy ("ommittee. .Among her favorite sports 
are bowling, skating, and swimming. Her Ninceritv av a 
friend and her genuine interest in others will bring happiness 
to her. 

Page Eighty-six 

Jack is a quiet boy with a shy smile. During his high 
school days he has been a loyal follower of baseball and golf. 
As a member of the Lighting and Sound Committee, he abl\ 
assisted in the production of the Senior Play. .Mthough 
Jack's plans for the future are indefinite, we know that he 
will give his best effort wherever he is. 

Lorraine, or "Mouse," as her friends call her. is a grand 
person. Her constant good nature, ready wit, ani.1 engaging 
smile endear her to ail. Speaking of smiles, we'll never forget 
those toothless four weeks that Lorraine went about the 
halls with a merry hello for everyone. ( ^'ou know what we 
mean, Lorraine.) Any office will be getting an excellent worker 
in Lorraine. 

In '(Charley," as she is called by her friends, we have a 
sweet and intelligent girl. She has been a faithful member 
of the Inter Nos for three years. In her Senior >ear she waN 
elected co-chairman of the Decorating (Committee of the 
Senior Play and also was a member of the Spanish Club 
She has displayed her interest in sports by participating in 
bowling and in soft ball. Aiter graduation she plans to take 
the home economics course at the L!ni\ersitv of .Massachu- 
setts. Her interest in this field insures her an excellent 

.\ttractive and vivacious Dottie ranks highly as a girl 
everybody likes. As a quick-stepping majorette and the first 
girl to lead Wakefield High's Band, she has made her class- 
mates proud of her. During her junior year, she was elected 
1 lomeroom Manager and served on the Junior Prom Com- 
mittee. She worked on the Majorette Barn Dance Committee 
and assisted as a charming usher on the Senior Play Usher and 
Candy Committee. In addition to being a talented tap 
dancer, she also enjoys skating and ballroom dancing anel 
consitlers them her favorite hobbies, .\fter graduation Doro- 
thy plans to become an accountant. 

Page Eighty-seven 

Everyone likes Billie because of his ready grin ami spark- 
ling personality. He was on the baseball squad in his sopho- 
more year and a member of the Senior Play Cast in his last 
year. Bill likes to pla}- hockev in his spare time, and he also 
likes to work with electricity. He will study further at Bur- 
dett and eventualh' become a Certified l^ublic .Accountant. 

Wherever there is gaiety and excitement, you are sure to 
lind Bev. If she discovers you in a discouraged mood, she 
will leave you full of merriment. She is interested in all sports 
and never misses a baseball game. Beverly v\'ould like to 
enter the University of Massachu.setts or Katharine Cjibbs 
School. She served as homeroom president and pla\ei.i soft- 
ball her first year. In her sophomore year she pla\ed basket- 
ball and Softball. On the junior Prom Committee and on 
the Senior Play Decorating Committee, she was a cooperative 
worker. As a member of the Sports Club and the (]lass His- 
tory Committee her Senior vear, she was of invaluable as- 

Besides being a top-ranking athlete and sports entluisuisl. 
Bob is a friendly lad who has a pleasant smile for all. His 
jovial humor and t]uick wit spell popularitv. During his years 
on the football team, he earned great admiration from his 
classmates for his whole-hearteil cooperation as a tough and 
fighting warrior. His outside hobby, which is participating 
in all sports, takes up a great deal of his time, .\fler grad- 
uation he plans to attend a preparatory school. 

Here is a girl whose lovable personalitv . pleasant smile, 
and reliabililv have made her oulslaiKiing. She has taken an 
extensive interest in her classmates and their activities. In 
her sophomore vear she was a loyal member of the (Chorus and 
the Bowling Club. She has shown her ca[iabilit.v bv serving on 
the Senior Plav Decorating (Committee and the (^lassbook 
Staff. Among her hobbies, she lists skating, playing the piano, 
tirawing, and dancing, .\fter graduation "Laurie" i^lans to 
eiiler either the accounting or the secretarial Held \s an elli- 
cient tvpist and an honor student, she will have no ilillicultv 
ill whatever vocation she ch(M>ses. 

Paeg Eightv-eight 

Alter school hours, Joe is one of the bright young cleri<s 
in a popular store. He is an ardent baseball fan and is inter- 
ested particularly in the Major Leagues. In his Senior ^'eat 
Joe was interested in producing the Class Play. As a member 
of the i^ighting and Sound (Committee, he helped to make the 
play a success. .After serving in the L'nited States .\rm\-. he 
plans to go into the produce business. We know he will carr\ 
on in his usual efficient manner. 

Grace finds life good and meets problems with a smile. 
She was an active Inter Nos member in her freshman _\ear. In 
her sophomore \ear she pla>ed on the girls' Softball team. She 
has also servetl on the Basketball Committee of the Sports 
Club, on the Senior Pla\- Decorating Committee, and on the 
Classbook Business Staff in her Senior year, [-'or diversion 
she plays the piano and the accordifin. She likes ice skatmg 
best of all. ller future work on hair stvie should prove in- 

Dot's interests \ary. She was on the basketball team and 
was a bowling enthusiast her freshman year and on the Senior 
Prom Decorating (Committee her Senior year. Dot is \er> 
much interested in art. ller hobby, in which she excels, is 
drawing. Dot is less talkative than most teen-agers and has 
a pleasing disposition at all times. Because she likes people, 
she will be a succesNful worker in business. 


Barbie is an attractive blonde who has gained much pop 
u' because of her sunnv smile and friendiv disposition. 
By her realistic portrayal of the newlv-wed. Pegg\- Murdock. 
she played an important part in making our Senior Plav. "The 
Ghost Train. " a success. In her freshman year Barb belonged 
to the Glee Club and .\uto Driving Class. In her junior \ear, 
she took part in badminton, golf and bowling, and in her 
Senior year she has been an active member of the Sports Club 
and the Editorial Staff of the Classbook. Incidentally, she 
loves fun, especially in the form of a movie, skiing, or swim- 
ming. Barb has not decided whether to develop her lira- 
matic talents or enter the business field. 

Page Eighty-nine 

George is a rather quiet, musical, and a very steady cliap 
to have around. 1-or four years he has played consistent, hard 
football lor Coach "Hacker" Walsh, lie was a member of the 
School Band his first two years in school, but then left to play 
swing on a commercial basis in Bill Whitney's band. The 
band serenaded many dancers at Canteens and the like with 
their soft mellow music. Everyone appreciated Georges work 
on the Junior Prom committee and as Co-Chairman of the 
Business Staff of the Classbook. He intends to enter Wilbra- 
ham .\cademy next year and from there continue his educa- 
tion in some engineering school. 

Quite the contrary to her nickname, "Iodine" is beloved 
bv her acquaintances. Her quiet sense of humor and friendly 
smile fascinate us. Her liveliness is outstanding and her en- 
thusiasm, contagious. Her interest in sports is shown by her 
excellent record on the bowling and the Softball teams and by 
her enthusiasm in the Sports Club. She displayed her ambi- 
tion for her future vocation in her junior year, when she be- 
came a member of the Shorthaml Club. She has als(> ser\ed 
on the Senior Party Committee, .\fter gradiiation. .\deline 
plans to enter secretary work. 

IRHU K.\^.\1()ND 
Fred Raymond, better known as Irancois, is one of our 
most carefree and fimlo\ing Seniors, .\lthough he speniis 
most of his time enjo.ving life, he can reall_v make himself 
work when he wants to. In his Senior year, he was a detective 
in the play and a member of the Prt)phecy (Committee. His 
personality makes him not only popular with his classmates 
but also with his teachers. Fred can usually be found enjoy- 
ing his favorite sport which is billiards at the "acatlemw" 
Wilh four years of practice, he is hard to beat at the game. 
I lis goal is Boston I ni\ersit\' where he is bound to do well. 


\l ICl I \K AIM- KIDl l-ARN 
,ou has been a d.vnamo of energy during her 

high school >ears. She has been in the Inter Nos Clul 
the last three years, serving as president of the organi/ 
during her Senior \ear. I'or the past two \cars. sht 
workeil industriously on the Sophomore Hop and Junior 1 
Committees. .\s for her musical interests, she sang in the 
Club during her freshman anti sophomore \ears. Our 
trtasurer for the last three >ears. she has demonstralci 
financial acumen. We predict a glorious fuiine in the 
ness world 

s f 




Page Ninety 

I'riendly, diligent, and scholastically brilliant, Jimmy has 
won the respect of both students and teachers. He is known 
throughout Wakefield for his exceptional ability as a pianist. 
In school he has played for the Boys' Glee Club and for the 
Orchestra. Conscientious, Jimmy has been chosen for im- 
portant duties in such positions as the Junior Prom Com- 
mittee. Homeroom Manager, and Associate Editor of the 
Classhook. .\lthough he is alwa\s bus>', he never appears 
tired or impatient. He received the Harvard Book Club award 
in his Junior \ear. Some conser\'atory of music will gain an 
ideal student: and the musical profession, a piano teacher of 
the highest quality. 

Barb's vis'acity and rich humor have pro\ed her to be a 
popular student. Barb and her man\' friends constitute a 
jovial group. She plans to do secretarial work after school. 
She has been a member of Inter Nos in her sophomore year, 
and of the Shorthand Club her third year. In the Senior year 
Barb was a Senior Play L'sher and was on the Classbook Edi- 
torial Staff. Any emplover will be glad to ha\e Barb for a 


That petite, happy-go-luckv girl is none other than ".\ggie" 
Robbins. Her striking personality and cheerful smile made 
many customers buy candy from her at the Senior Pla\-, where 
she ser\ed as an usher. Her good sportsmanship was shown 
during her last year w'hen she plaved basketball. Her hob- 
bies are dancing, skating, basketball, and bowling. Shortl\ 
after graduation .^gnes begins work as a secretary. 

A soft-spoken girl of demure charm describes Lena to a 
"T." During her freshman vear. Glee Club claimed her serv- 
ices. In her last year she helped on the Senior Plav Make-up 
Committee. E\'en if her hobbies of dancing, skating, and 
bowling require much of her time, this neatly-dressed an<.l 
well-mannered g-'rl is never too busy for a friendly "hello" 
1 ena, or as she prefers, i^ee. is determined to become a sec- 
re*,-irv. In the fulfillment of this ambition she has our best 

Page Ninety-one 

"Mickie" is that five loot four, stocky, indi\idual who, 
besides being one of the most popular fellows in the class, is 
perhaps the best natured. lie played terrific football for four 
years and was co-captain his Senior year. In the newly formed 
Sports Club he served as president. Besides these acti\ities 
he has been a member of the Student Council for two years, 
and this last year he led the council through a successful year 
as [-"resident. We know it's a foregone conclusion that he will 
do well in preparatory school. 


Cecil is a tall, good-natured classmate whose hobbies in- 
clude hunting, fishing, and chemistry. For the past two years 
he has been an active member and president of the Rifle 
(;iub. The fact that his name is constantly on the 1 lonor 
Roll pro\es that he is one of our out^tanding students, .\fter 
graduation he plans to enter the EOrestrx- Service where his 
intelligence and adaptabilits' will be richl\ rewariled. 

D()\.\l U ROGERS 

Don is a livelv boy with a host of friends Mis \Mtt\ 
retorts and humorous savings have maile him lops among his 
classmates. Don enjOvs swimming, sailing, and buiKling model 
ships. 1 lis main interest is in driving and in repairing auto- 
mobiles. Many an hour he spends tinkering with his model 
car. lie plans to join the Initeil States Nav>- and studv' me- 


( )ne of 1 V iinlield's outstanding contributions to our class 
is 1 arrv Ross Ills popularity among fellow students became 
apparent when he was fleeted .Manager during 
his sophomore year. In both his sophomore and junior vears, 
I arrv was an important cog in the NVakelield loolball machine. 
Mis Senior home room entrustetl him with the respmisibk- job 
(if presiilent. anil W handled this position as capablv as he 
did his job on the Classbook Business Stall. I arrv's outsiiie 
interests are concentrated on sports. Baseball, tennis, anil 
golf are among his favorites. Northeastern I'niversitv is the 
fiulimale college that will receive 1 arrv's talents lu \t fall 

Page Ninelv-lwo 

Pat is one of the most athletic girls in our class. Not 
only does she enjoy playing a good game, but she also enjoys 
watching athletic contests. She has played basketball and 
sottball for four \ears, at the same time participating in ten- 
nis, badminton, and field hockev. She is an ardent fan of 
\arsity basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. Naturalis 
she's a member of the Sports Club. In addition, she pla\ei.l 
her part for the Senior Play on the Wardrobe Committee 
Patty plans to attend college for one year and then go to the 
Children's Hospital for the nursing course, eventually to be- 
come a child's nurse. 


Glo came to us from Saugus High School in her senior 
\ear. Wakefield I ligh soon sat up and took notice. She be 
longed to Inter Nos, worked on the Senior Play L'sher anil 
Candy Committee, on the Graduation Decoration (>)mmittee. 
and ser\ed as a library assistant. But these duties ga\e Wake- 
field High onlv a glimpse of this modest tlynamo. Saugus 
will remember her as a member of the Ski Club, the basket 
ball team, the junior Prom (".ommittee. and as secretary ol 
her class in her junior sear. Her hobby is that popular ont 
stamp collecting. 

Wll IIAM SC1I,\CH r 
As the football team charges on the gridiron in September 
and the baseball squad warms up in the spring. Bill is there 
as manager to see that all the equipment is in its place and 
that the players have all necessarv supplies. With these squad.> 
(.luring his stav at Wakefield High. Bill has been willing to 
work hard and has been rewarded b\- praise from the coaches 
and the warm friendship of all his fellow students. We pre- 
dict that he will become an executive in the business world, 
where his interests lie. 

One never hears too much from jimm.\, but this lad cer- 
ta'nly does his share of work. Eor two years, he has held 
ofTice in the Hi-Y Club, and during the two previous years, 
he has been a pla\er in the Band. .\n amiable fellow, he is 
never too busv to help anyone. .\ sport enthusiast, limmy 
appears to have a liking for the rugged life, so he is planning 
to join the .Armv We're all rooting for \ou. Jimm\-. 

Page Ninetv-three 

Bobby, a comparatively meek girl, is well known to all of 
us for her artistic ability. She has been a member of the 
Glee Club, has participated in Softball and bowling, and was 
one of the attractive ushers at the Senior Play. She plans to 
enter art school, and in view of her talent, she has a promising 
career ahead. 

A likable, good-natured, and dependable member of our 
class is Roy. Those who ha\e not acquainted themsehes with 
him ha\e missed a faithful friend. I4e likes to astound his 
friends by his sharp socks and his colorful ties. During his 
spare moments, F^oy gets much pleasure in playing the piano, 
a hobby at which he excels. Because of his excellent portrayal 
of "Jackson" in the Senior Play, he plans to enter Leland 
Powers School of Radio and Theater. We shall watch for 
your performance. Roy in the near future. 

.\l.\m SHAW 
Mary has the desirable c|ualit> nf being able to listen 
attentively to others, an accomplishment which shoukl aid her 
in her desire to become a nurse. .After grai.luation she plans 
to attend Mount .Auburn Hospital School of Nursing where 
we are sure she will be successful. .At Wakefield High she 
belonged to the inter Nos Club and participated in such 
sports as basketball, bowling, and archerw in which she was 
admired for her good sportsmanship. 

c;i .\kl- SUM DON 
To learn \()Hi knits anil purls go see (Hare. Knitting is 
one ol the high spots in her life along with drawing. She's 
nond too' 111 her junior and senior \ears. she was an actue 
member of Inter Nos. This girl with the sunnv disposition 
also served on the Senior Play Wardrobe Committee. .\ cheer- 
ful. happ> person. (]lare is sure to be an asset to whatever 
profes^i(ln she chooses. 

Page N i net V four 


Pete, a Lvnnfielci boy, seems rather cjuiet, hut his numer- 
ous buddies all are conscious of his dry \sit and keen sense 
of humor. Out of doors, Pete excels in skiing, hunting, and 
swimming. A remarkable skier, he was elected Vice President 
of the Ski C^lub his junior year and President his last year. 
Well liked by his teachers as well as his classmates, Pete has 
served on the Class Motto Committee, Senior Play Property 
Committee, and the Classbook E;ditorial Staff. He was also 
elected manager of his I lome Room his Senior Year, We wish 
him success at the Lni\ersity of Wisconsin, where he plans to 
study forestry. 

Well known for his artistic ability. Tommy is a distin- 
guished class member. .\s an efficient worker on the Class- 
book .^rt Staff, he has contributed an excellent display of his 
drawings. He has been an active member of the Rifle Club, 
the Ski Club, and the Lookout StatT. That he has a wide 
range of hobbies is proved bv his interest in radio, photog- 
raphy, stamp collecting, skiing and swimming, Tommv plans 
to study electrical engineering at the L'niversity of llorida. 
where we predict a brilliant future for one who deserves rec- 

The courteous manner Mikki has for everyone makes one 
want to knf)w her better. Her neat, dignified appearance 
makes it a pleasure to call her a classmate. .\t first sh( 
seems serious and reserved, but her friends find her fun-lo\ - 
ing and sincere. Her favorite pastimes are swimming, danc- 
ing, and bowling--she is very fond of the last-named. Her 
ahilits to meet anv situation will make her a desirable officv 


Lee is one of our talented band members, who contributed 
much towards making it one of the best. During her first 
years she sang in the Cjlee Club. Her fine soprano \'oice will 
certainly be missed by her successors. Lee has also been an 
acti\e reporter for the Lookout. Her interesting columns are 
enjoyed by all. Perhaps her outstanding performance as 
'Tdsie Winthrop" in the Senior Pla\' is one of our most \ivid 
memories Both the Ski C'lub and the Classbook ha\e profited 
by her ability. Naturally, with her fine scholastic record, Ler 
has college as her goal. 

Page Ninetv-five 

What pep! What an athlete! That's Joey Somers, She 
played basketball her second and fourth years, and home room 
basketball her third and fourth \ears. As though that weren't 
enough, she also played badminton besides belonging to the 
Inter Nos and Glee Club for three years each. We must note 
also that she served faithfully on the Senior Play Publicity 
Committee and the Senior Classbook Business Staff. When 
she finds time between these activities she likes to go swim- 
ming, training herself for the day when she will be an Olympic 
^\\imming star undoubtedly', lor this girl, who intends to do 
secretarial work, we predict a future as sparkling as her per- 

Phil, one of our outstanding hockey players for lour vears, 
has become a valuable member of the team Although he 
seems to be easy going, his academic record shows that he has 
been a very good student. I lis geniality is responsible lor his 
many offices: Home Room President. Home Room Manager. 
Chairman of the 1 lockev (Committee, membership in the Glee 
Club, and on the Junior Prom Committee. Because of his 
great love for the out-of iloors, many an early morning has 
found him tramping the fields with a gun or quietlv casting 
out ox'er a Irout stream We shall miss nou. Phil. 

Elaine has won many friends during her high school days. 
As a ga>- "Senorita" she is the president of the Spanish (llub. 
She has also taken part in bov\ling. Glee Club, (ihorus. Look- 
out, and Sports Club. In her last \ear she ser\ed on the Senior 
Play Committee, the Senior Partv (Aimmittee. and the Class- 
book lulitorial Staff. 1 ler hobb\' is singing, as it shouKl be 
with her clear, loxely \-oice. She hopes to enroll in the .Mr- 
line Secretarial Course at Kathleen Dell School. 


B.\RB.\R.\ .\NN SI. PlliRRE 

an readiU' sec wh\' "Bobbie" has chosen to attend 

the Modern School of lashioii and Design for she neser seems 
to tire of creating new itieas in the latest fashions I ler able 
work as president of the Sliorthaiul Club anil her cooperation 
nn the Decorating Committee of the Senior Play have pro\eii 
her ability to get along with people. Iter abilitv to conxerse 
with others and her unsi'Hish attitude toward all will aid her 
wherever she goes. 

Page Ninety-six 

What Charlie lacks in stature he makes up for in spirit. 
I le is one of those boys who are certain to be at the center of 
any e.\citement. As a sportsman, he has been active in the 
Ski Club and Intramural Basketball. In the classrooms his 
sparkling sallies brighten even the dullest day. He is an avid 
reader and a keen judge of people. We predict new and great 
heights for Charlie. 

Sully has an inimitable fun-lo\ing spirit that makes his 
store of friends large and enemies nil. .\nyone looking for 
him usually will discover him invoked with his buddies in a 
discussion on the latest I-ord car or the oldest one. As far a> 
sports are concerned, he favors basketball since he played on 
his home room basketball team in his junior and senior \ears 
Too, he enjoys swimming. .\11 his friends know that Sull\ 
will make good at college anti ultimately the Air lorce. 

Petite, tiark-haired (Claire, a cheerful lassie who is known 
b> her engaging smile and delightful personality, is sure to be 
an efficient secretary. We shall alwa\s remember her as 
"Peggy" in our Senior Play. .Among the activities which ha\e 
kept Claire busy are the Sports (^lub. the Inter Nos Club, and 
the Shorthand Club. I ler man\' hobbies are skating, tennis, 
and swimming. We know that with her sincerity and charm 
she will fimi many pleasures in the future. 

Skip, as his classmates call him, is that popular easygoing 
ho\' who plays superb hockey. His sincerity and congenial 
manner won him the position of Homeroom president in his 
sophomore year. In his Senior year, he ser\ed on the Senior 
Plav Comnu'ttee. During his leisure time he plays baseball 
and hunts. He plans to enter a trade school but is still uniie- 
termined about his course. We wish him only happiness in 
his venture. 

Page Ninety-seven 

Barb is definitely one of our most athletic girls. She is 
noted for her agility in sports, and, during her tour years in 
Wakefiekl High, she has taken part in field hockey, basket- 
ball. Softball, badminton, and tennis, 'fhis year, besides being 
an Usher at the Senior Play, she was elected chairman of Girls' 
Sports activities in association with the Sports Club. She is 
going to study nursing education. 

Witty is the word for our filly. Wherever there is excite- 
ment and fun, Priscilla can be found. She came to us from 
Lynn English, and in her two years here, she has been active 
on the Senior Play Candy Committee, Senior Play L'sher Com- 
mittee, Class Banquet Committee, (2lassbook ,\rt Staff, and 
Inter Nos. Ice skating, seeing good movies, listening to good 
jokes, and eating Toll House cookies made by a certain per- 
son are among her favorite pastimes. We know that with her 
abilitv t<) mingle with others this lass from Lynnfield will be 
a popular member of the L nited States Waves when she en- 
lists in the fall. 


.\ jovial personality and a friendly glance — these are the 
chief characteristics of our "Short>." .'Mvvays readv and will- 
ing to help, she has shown her splendid cooperation on the 
L'sher and Candv Committee for the Senior Plav. .\ few of 
her many hobbies include swimming, dancing, and skiing. She 
plans to become an air-line hostess, and we know that with her 
vivacitv and gracious manner, success will alwavs shine 
brightly on her pathwav. 

During his high school career, "'Skip" has been a sports 
enthusiast. He has supported his team faithfullv bv plaving 
with the baseball sciuail and his homeroom basketball team 
His favorite pastime is another sport — sailing. He has shown 
his other school interests by being a loyal member of the Glee 
Club and by serving efficientlv on the (^lassb<i()k Business 
StaiT. He plans to enter the field of electric refrigeration. Will 
vou fix our old box, Skipr 

Page Ninety-eight 

"Tup" is, without doubt, one of the most genial and care- 
free fellows in our class. Tom appreciates a good joke and 
his ludicrous chuckle is really worth the price of admission to 
any show. He served faithfully on the Stage Crew Commit- 
tee for the Senior Play and for the Senior Party. He hopes 
to major in commerce next year. \Vhere\er you are, Tom, 
your many friends at W. 11. S. will he thinking of you and 
wishing you the best of luck. 

The next time you pick up your telephone and hear "Num- 
ber please," it might be Shirley, that pretty telephone operator 
in L ynnfield Center. Popular with boys and girls alike, this 
classmate has been a great help as a member of the Class 
Motto Committee, the Classhook Business StatT. and as a 
Senior Play Usher. She recognizes the finer things in life, 
and if she can see a good movie, a football, a hockey, or a 
basketball game, or just enjoy a friendly chat with her many 
friends, she is happy. Shirley plans to continue with her work 
as a cheerful telephone operator in her beloved home town. 

Donald's specialties are stamp collecting and record col 
lecting. The latter hobby may be his reason for being a mem- 
ber of the Glee Club his freshman and sophomore years, and 
in the orchestra his second and third vears. These activities 
also show us that Donald is a lo\er of music. "Homer," as 
we know him best, has participated in \arious other activities 
such as player in the Bantl his Senior year and being on the 
Publicitv Committee for the Senior Play. He was also chosen 
to be on the Dinner and Motto Committee in his fourth year 
He plans to enter the Navy, after which he will attend a busi 
ness school. 

Johnny can always be found in a group discussing mili- 
tary weapons or affairs. His enthusiasm and fondness for 
practical jokes receive a ready response from his classmates. 
He is a member of the Rifle Club and of his homeroom bas- 
ketball team. He worked ardently on the F^ublicity Commit- 
tee for the Senior Play. His strange hobbv is studying mili- 
tary weapons. Johnny plans to attend Officers Candiilate 
School and become a leacler of tomorrow's troops. 

Page Ninety-nine 

Well recDgnized for her cheerful disposition and her win- 
ning smile, "Sandy" is a favorite among her classmates. 
Wherever there is fun or excitement, she is always in the midst 
of the crowd. Besides her participation in field hockey and 
hasketball. she has been an active member of the Inter Nos 
and the Shcjrthand Clubs. Her willingness to cooperate was 
shown bv the capable manner in which she worked on the 
Make-L p Committee for the Senior Play. Because of her 
tiependabilily and diligence she has a promising future in the 
secretarial field. 

The lass with the delicate air" is a fine description of 
llo. She came to us in her junior year from Maiden High 
School, and was soon one of us. As a senior, she has been a 
member of the L sher and C^andy Committee for the Senior 
Pla>'. [-"retty petite Flo enjovs dancing, swimming, and roller 
skating Her ambition is to be a dental hygienist or a nurse. 

B.\RB.\R.\ .\NN WALSH 
Whoops! Who was that dashing down the corridor? It 
must have been Barb Walsh. Now we can't say she is one of 
the (]uiet, reserved members of our class — no, siree! She is 
far from it — always bursting with enthusiasm and bubbling 
over with good humor, she has gained the friendship of e\er\- 
one. She let some of her spare energy escape by playing bas- 
ketball and Softball, by riding horseback and swimming. She 
gave a great deal of time and added a bit of the spirit that 
only she has to the Senior Pla\' Decorating Committee and 
the Class Prophecy (lonimittee She says she is undecided 
about her future work, hut she has hinted that we shouldn't 
he tiiii surjirisetl to see her in the Women's .\rm>' .\ir Force, 

When >()U see a pair of sparkling blue e.ves coming down 
the corridor, \()U can be sure it's jaciiuelyn. During her four 
\ears at Wakefield High, she has been ver\' active in school 
affairs, among which are the following: Glee C^lub. Motto 
(Committee. Shorthand ('lub. Student (Council, Senior Play 
l:\ecutive Committee, and Senior Play I'sher. Her love for 
ilancing is proved by her attendance at Canteens and other 
school parties. She also likes to draw and is one t)f Miss 
Hirst's best artists. Jackie's plans for the future are so many, 
that we can predict one thing onl.\ : a career in art. 

Page One hundred 

Smiling, always smiling. That's Joe. Whene\er Joe meets 
someone, he always has a cheery greeting for him. .Mthough 
he has not participated in competitise sports, he is a gt)od all- 
round athlete. 1 le has been a staunch supporter of all scht)ol 
acti\ities. .\s a member of the Class Will Committee, he sup 
plied witty items. The United States iVlarines will have a ver\ 
industrial recruit when Joe enlists. 

.■\ rather sedate girl is Peggy. Still she has found time for 
extra-curricular activities. During her four years in Wake- 
field High she has worked for the Glee Club, the Bowling Club, 
the Sports CAuh in addition to serving on the Publicity (Com- 
mittee for the Senior Play. Her favorite pastime is dancing 
Ax the present time Peggy has not yet decided upon her future 
plans. Our best wishes go with her in \\hate\er choice shu 

Brilliant and witty. Bob rates high in the esteem of his 
classmates. .\ hard worker and a determined student. Bob 
can always be depended upon to do his job well. Among his 
offices ha\e been Junior Prom Executive Committee member. 
Senior Play Executive Committee member, CCo(2hairman of 
the Senior Pla\- Publicity (Committee, and (Co-Secretary of the 
(Passbook Business Staff. It was largelv because of his 
capable and conscientious leadership that the Senior Play Pub- 
licity Committee was overwhelmingly successful. His hobbies 
of drawing and writing humorous stories and poems show his 
great talents as an artist and a wit. His hilarious, impromptu 
cartoons will long be remembered by his friends. Bentley 
School of .\ccounting is gaining an ideal student. 

.\ pleasing personality is one of \'irginia's best attributes 
She has been a member of the Glee Club, the Inter Nos, and 
the Spanish Club. .-\ typist for the Classbook and an usher 
for the Senior Play are numbered among her activities. One 
of her chief pastimes is taking care of children. Gini is going 
to business school next year where she will find greater oppor- 

Page One humlred one 

Dick, who came to us from Newburyport early this year, 
has pro\ed to be one of the most likable members of our class. 
His courteous manner, his loyalty, and his love of fun are 
much admired. He is always carefree and ready for excite- 
ment. In Newburyport he was a homeroom representatne, a 
member of the Glee Club and of the Stage Crew. He con- 
tinuetl with the Glee Club at Wakefield and also joined the 
Ski (^lub. since he greatly enjoys the sport. His jokes ha\e 
enlightened manv a lunchroom period. His present ambition 
is to learn to be a chef, and then to open his own restaurant. 

.\1 li\es in I.ynnfield Center but doesn't find it the least 
bit hard to attend all the hockey games, as he is one of our 
most avid fans. He is also very interested in politics and 
sports. Al was a member of the Glee Club his freshman \ear, 
an alternate of the Yearbook staff, and an assistant on the 
Senior Play publicitv committee, for which he did wonders 
soliciting ad\ertisements in I.ynnfield. Al plans to attend col- 
lege, and we know his winning personality and friendl> wa>s 
will make him desirable in any college 

Always ready for an\thing — that describes Dick, as he is 
known to his many friemls. One of the most cheerful. happ\- 
golucky bo>s in our class, he has been a member of the hoc- 
key team for two years and an able drummer in our band 
during the same period. Dick also served on the Senior (^lass 
Photography Committee, the Senior Class Prophec> Com- 
mittee, anti the transportation committee for the Senior Pla> 
Dick intends to further his schooling at prep school or to join 
the L nited States Marine (^orps. No matter where he ma\ 
be we know that Dick will always be a cretiit to his scliool 

WARREN Will 11 NG 
Here we have Pete Whiting, whose exceptional hocke\ 
and baseball pla.\ing ha\e put his name in the W. II S Hall 
of I ame. He has played baseball and h()cke\ three \ears for 
his .\lma Mater and has been baseball captain for two \ears; 
hocke\- for one. He also has been a homeroom presitieni for 
ihree years Besides these activities, Pete has been a member 
1)1 the (ilee Club. He would like to continue his education, 
but if he does not. the Army is beckoning him. We shall 
hear of Pete later through some achie\ement in his chosen 

'age ( )ne huiulred two 

Roger "Wings" Williams is that boy with the ever ready- 
smile. Roger was a member of the track team his treshman 
year: all four of his years in high school he was a member of 
the band; and his second, third and fourth \ears. a member 
of the Rifle Club. R(jger is mechanically inclined and plans 
to go on in .Mechanical Engineering His friends enjoy his 
explosive personality, his continual jo\ialit>- and his carefree 


Sparkling eyes and a vivid smile plus winsome manner^ 
are but a few of the many ()ualities that are found in Joan 
Her friendliness, sincerity, and her sunny disposition have put 
Joan high in the esteem of her friends. .\s a conscientious 
worker. Joan is sure to be happy in the business wcirld 

"Quits." as she is known to her friends, is always the 
center of attraction, lun-loving and jo\ial, Jayne is liked b> 
e\er\one. She is a great sports fan and has participated in 
many games including basketball and field hockev. She dis 
played wonderful cooperation on the Senior Plav L'sher and 
Candy Committee, and as an understudy for our pla\ . Javne 
also belongs to the Shorthand tdub, the Good Grooming Club 
and the (Chorus. Her favorite pastime is swimming. She 
plans a business career in order to ser\e as a communit\ 

This attracti\e miss has such a contagious smile that it 
makes e\en the gloomiest drudge give out with a big grin. In 
her freshman and sophomore years she took part in basket- 
ball, field hockey, bowling, and Inter Nos. In her Senior \ear 
she was a prominent inember of the Lookout Staff and L sher 
Committee of the Senior Play. This slick chick, whose trim 
appearance makes it clear that she has belonged to the GcK)d 
Cirooming Group, likes sewing, cooking, and dancing. Phyllis 
plans to enter her father's business anci direct the mail adver- 
tising We predict a booming business with Phyllis as man- 

Page One hundred three 

Pretty, dark haired Glo is one of our most popular Sen- 
iors. She will always be remembered as one of our sweetest 
majorettes. Glo has shown her willingness to help by her 
never-ending cooperation on the Sophomore 1 lop Committee, 
Majorette Dance Committee, and the L sher Committee for 
the Senior F^lay. "The Ghost Train." Gloria plans to attend 
Burdett College in preparation for a position as a pri\ate 
secretary. With her charm and graciousness she has a happy 
future ahead. 

Although "Buck" has not been prominent in any of the 
activities in Wakeiield High School, there are fev\ who do not 
know him. I le is very much interestetl in photograph>', and 
in electricity, and in these fields he excels. Hunting and fish- 
ing on Cape Cod are his favorite pastimes. Somewhat re- 
served, he becomes the most amiable of frientis as acquaint 
anceship progresses 

Have you seen this fellow with the impish grin and the 
ability to make friends? Apparently he hasn't a care in the 
world. He came to Wakefield High from l.ynnfield (inter 
and has since become a favorite with evervone. His mis- 
chievous spirit has made many a class a lively one. We know- 
that his talent will make him a success in the field of art. 

Charlie, that mischievous fellow from Greenwood, is 
known to practically evervone. During his four years in 
Wakefield High, he has proveti the theory that everybody 
likes fun. \'es. intleetl. there is alvvavs merriment when 
(Charlie is around His energetic ability is shown bv his in- 
terest for all sporl^ In his freshman vear. he proveil to be a 
capable home-room manager. .\lso, he has served on the 
Motto C>)mmittee antl the Class Dinner ("ommittee. (!!harlie 
plans to be a mechanic in the .-Xmiy .Mr Force, and after- 
wards, to start a garage. 

Julio has been one of our outstanding football plavers lor 
the past few years. It has been his fighting spirit anil never- 
give-up attitude that have aideii in making greater Wakefield 
football teams. Besiiies playing football for four years, Julio 
has been an enthusiastic homeroom basketball player since his 
freshman year. His hobbies are collecting stamps, driving cars 
and trucks, skiing, and taking apart ililTerent tvpe motors. We 
join in wishing Julio the best of luck in his plans to buy a 
truck, start a trucking, and later learn how to flv an 

Page One Inindret! four 

Class Elections 

Most Popular Girl Irene Fazio 

Most Popular Bo\' Ko\- Lefavour 

Best Looking Girl Marjorie Landry 

Best Looking Boy Edward (2ook 

Cutest Girl Marjorie Landry 

Cutest Boy Robert Surrette 

Best Athlete — Girl Barbara Swallow 

Best Athlete — Boy Roy Lefavour 

Best Dancer — Girl Patricia Morico 

Best Dancer — Boy Edward Cook 

Most Personalitv — Girl Jean Connolly 

Most Personality — Boy Edward Cook 

Most Ambitious — Girl Jean Connolly 

Most Ambitious — Boy Robert Warchol 

Most Versatile — Girl Jean Connolly 

Most Versatile — Boy Roy Lefa\()ur 

Wittiest Girl Evangeline McCabe 

Wittiest Boys Fred Raymond and Lawrence Ross 

Most Likely to Succeed — Girl Lee Smart 

Most Likely to Succeed — Boy James Rizza 

Best Natured Girl Jean Connolly 

Best Natured Boys David Gibbons, Joseph Loughlin, David I lallahan 

Most Serious Girl Lee Smart 

Most Serious Boy John 1 lerlihy 

Class Giggler — Girl Claire Surette 

Class Giggler — Bov William (^rne 

Most Bashful— Girl Rita Dumont 

Most Bashful— Boy John Callan 

Most Sophisticated Girl .: Patricia Morico 

Most Sophisticated Boy Edward (x)ok 

Most Vivacious Girl Evangeline McCabe 

Most Vivacious Bo\- Michael Roberto 

Class Actress ■ Shirle\- l:dwards 

Class Actor David Gibbons 

Most Dignified Girl Lee Smart 

Most Dignified Boy Edward (]ook 

Most Courteous Girl Jean Connolly 

Most Courteous Boy James Rizza 

Class Artist — Girl Janet King and Barbara St. Pierre 

Class Artist — Boy Fred Sias 

Class Bab\' — Girl Lorraine Mary De\'eau 

Class Bab\' — Bo\ John Adams 

Chatterbox — Girl Phyllis i)'Entremont 

Chatterbox — Boy John Day 

Most Flirtatious — Girl Joan Somers 

Most Flirtatious— Bo\- Charles DeWolf 

Most Popular Junior — Girl Marion Hickey 

Most Popular Junior — Boy Louis Sardella 

Page One liundred five 

Class History 

JOAN: Gee, 1 never thought I'd find mvself out here, so manv miles from Wake- 

field ! 
BEVERLY: Yes, these prospecting camps are mighty lonesome: but it'll be 

worth it if we strike a fortune. 
JOAN: The men have been out digging all day: I sure hope they come back with 

something besides a lame back! 
BEVERLY: Well, it's most time for them. We'd better hurr>' along with the 


( Whistle heard — Clementine) 
JOAN: Oh, here they are now. They sound happ\' so thev must ha\e found 


(Boys enter, singing) 


Hello, gals. Is the grub ready? These little boys is mighty hungr\- 

JO.AN : Yes — but first we want to know what you got today. 

DICK: Well, pardners, we didn't find any treasure but we did find this! (Holds 
up Journal) 

BEVERLY: Well, what is it — someone's old love letters? 

JOAN: (taking it) Let's look at it — Oaah — say--it's got Eddie Cook, our class 
secretary's, name in it! How could it have got way out here??? 

JOHN: Well, he must have been prospecting around these parts, and lost it. 

DICK: We found it buried under some leaves and dirt. Well, Joan, what tioes 
the old boy say in it? 

JO.AN: (looking through it) Well — Oh, gee (excitedly) Sa-a-\! It's a diary 
of our school da\'s at old W. H. S. He must ha\e been carrving it around 
all this time. . . Listen — I'll read a few pages: 

(Reads:) In September of I94S three hundred eighteen members of the 
Freshmen Class entered the portals of Wakefield I ligh School, and a new mile- 
stone of life. As all previous freshmen, we soon became a part of and con- 
tributed in no small way to the confusion of high school life. 

DICK: Remember how the seniors made fun of us and kidded about our si/.e? 

JOHN: Well, we weren't all small! 

JOAN: (reading on) Rather bewildered by the maze of rooms, innumerable 
rules, the system of bells, and corridor jams, our class embarked upon its 
journey of higher education. After a few weeks we became accustomed to 
the routine of high school life, and tried hard to master our difficult programs. 
Some were too timid to join any kiml of social life: others participated in the 
Orchestra, Inter Nos Club, and the Glee Club. 

In November of 1945 Wakefield defeated their "old ri\al, " .Melrose, 7-() 
There were gay celebrations that night, with 800 in attendance at Canteen. 

BEVERLY: I ley, I remember that night. Everyone was certainl\- excited! 

JOHN: Gee, no wonder — It had been 23 years since we had defeated them! 

JOAN: (reading) In the spring of 1946 we were proud of our school's baseball 
team. We were Middlesex Champions. 

BEVERL^■: What a season that was! A crowd of u> went into lenwa\ 
and had loails of fun cheering the bo\s on. 

DICK: Did you see Joe Schwar/. double off the left-field wall' W hat .i lul' I 
got so excited I dropiH'd mv hot dog into a hulv's corsage ol roses' 

JOAN: (reading) .Although not manv of us were accjuainted with .Miss Clilmore, 
we were sorry to hear of her retirement as Dean. Miss I'li/abeth L ph:un look 
over her many responsibilities. 

All too soon we found ourselves at the close of our freshman war. and 
looking aheati to being upper classmen. ... I lere. John, you read lor a w hile. 

JOHN: Well, this tells about our sophomore >ear. (Reading) On September 6, 
1946, after ten weeks of vacation, we returned to school eager to use our titles 
as "sophomores," and with a friemlly contempt for freshmen. 

Page ( tiu' hiiiiilii'J six 

DICK: Yes — and with an exceptional collection of sunburns, tans, and freckles. 
The possession of the latter was most disturbing to the fairer sex of the other 

JOHN: (reading) The Inter Nos Club started the tradition of "Freshman Day." 
All the freshmen girls had to wear their hair in pigtails and carry their books 
in baskets or pails. 

BHN ERL\': ^'es, I'll never forget that daw Their worst punishment was that 
the girls couldn't speak to the boys all dav. 

JOHN: (reading) Class Election was held on October 15, and Roy Lefavour was 
elected President. He was aided in his post by Jean Connolly as Vice-Presi- 
dent; Betty Hoepfner as Secretary; and Alice Redfearn as Treasurer. Also, 
about this time, .Mr. R. Edgar Fisher was made .Assistant Superintendent of 
Schools because of the illness of Mr. Atwell. ... On November 4. Melrose 
beat Wakefield, 13-0. 

D1(>K: ^■es, but don't forget, in spite of that defeat. Wakefield pla\ed "Heads 
up" ball all year, and displayed a fine brand of football. 

JOHN: (reading) On February 12, the whole school was saddened b\- the resig- 
nation of our principal, Mr. Peterson. On Februar\' 27, .Mr. Roland Kinder 
was appointed principal. 

JO.AN: ^■es. when Mr. Kinder was appointed to follow Mr. Peterson's footsteps, 
our spirits lifted as we knew that he was entirel\' capable of heading this group 
of future prospectors. 

JOHN: (reading) The School Committee was busv this \ear. The>' also ap- 
pointed .Mr. James Walsh as head coach of baseball and football; and Air. 
Lucian Colucci as head coach of basketball. 

DICK: And Pop Fulton was made submaster for the coming year. 

BEVERLY: Yes, we couldn't have a more understanding man to tell our excuses 
to. could we? 

DICK: Oh, going back to basketball — Roy Lcfa\our gained distinction again by 
piling up the greatest number of points for our team. 

JOHN: (reading) Mr. .\twell. who had been our Superintendent of Schools for 
\'ears, resigned on .April 18, because of illness. ... On .Ma\- 18. the Sopho- 
more Hop, our first dance, was a huge success. 

JO.AN: Remember all the colorful banners, stop signs, and posters. Thev ga\e 
it a true collegiate effect. 

JOHN: (reading) At last . . . the da\- we had anticipated all \ear long had ar- 
rived, and school was over for the summer. . . . Thus ended our Sophomore 
vear. Bev, why don't \ou read the next one. 

BF\'FRLY: O. K., pardner. (reading) In September, 1947, we entered our 
Junior year, feeling might\' proud of oursehes. At last we were upper class- 
men. \\'e took a more prominent part in high school acti\ities; and athletes 
from our class began to be outstanding. Roy Lefavour won the first \'arsit\' 
Club "player of the week" award, and Frank Fotino took the second one. In 
October, we chose the following officers: President, Roy Lefavour: \'ice-Pres- 
ident, Jean Connollv: Secretar\'. Betty Hoepfner: and Treasurer, .Mice Red- 

lOAN: 1 remember that we chose blue and gold for our colors — and — 

DICK- Our motto w ns — Our ai.m success; olr hope, to wi\! 

BENERL^': On October 11, everybod\' turned out for the annual Cheerleaders' 
dance and had a grand time hopping around. In No\emher. for the second 
time while we were in high school, we had the thrill of beating our old-time 
rival, .Melrose, 6-0. 

JOHN: Bo\-, that was a shut-out, too! 

BEN'ERLV: (reading) On No\ember 22. our class had their .lunior Prom. We 
called it "The Stardust Prom" and decorated the g\m with stars and signs 
f4" the Zodi.nk. 

jO.-\N: dee, I'll never forget that dance. It was really dream\'. 
DICK: Yes, the gym looked wonderful, didn't it! 

Page Tne hundred se\en 

BEVERLY: (reading) In December, the football team elected Mike Roberto and 
Roy Lefavour co-captains for the following season. 

JOHN: Naturally — "Mr. Short" and "Mr. Long" were both outstanding players. 

BEVERLY: On February 10, the inter Nos Club held an enjoyable Valentine 
Tea Dance. And the hockey team, after bringing their season to a close with 
a scoreless tie with Dedham, chose Duna Hicks and Nino Bonomo as their 
co-captains. Roy Lefavour and sophomore Gerry Gl\nn were elected to lead 
the basketball team. The baseball team also had a successful season. 

JO.AN: Didn't they come in pretty close to the top of the league? 

JOHN: 1 guess they did! They finished in second place! 

BEVERLY: (reading) The team chose Pete Whiting and Dave Hallahan co- 
captains for the next year. In June, the Inter Nos Officers were chosen for 
the following year: Alice Redfearn, President: Irene Fazio, Vice-President: 
Dorothy Casey, Corresponding Secretary; Betty lloepfner and .'Xrlene Lam- 
prey, senior directors. The Lookout Staff elected a trio of editors for the 
next year: Patti Morico, Claire Kolbe, and Ph\llis D'Fntremont. . . . \ peppy 
group of cheerleaders were elected for the following year headed bv Irene 
Fazio. All too soon graduation came, and we realized that we should soon 
miss the class which we had followed for three years. Now WE should be 
the leaders; and we left school for vacation a little awed b\' our potential 
importance. . . . Well. Dick, it's up to you to carry on from here. 

DICK: (reading) On September 7, 1948 we entered Wakefield High to begin 
our last year of public school education. Four additions had been made to 
our staff: Mr. Hennessey, Miss Callan, .Mr. Sheehan, and .Mr. Barrv'. 

jO.AN: Remember how we looked down on the other classmen? 

BEVERLY: Yes, the freshmen seemed smaller than ever. 

JOHN: That new paint job on the walls brightened our li\cs. but we missed 
drawing finger pictures above the high-water line. 

DICK: (reading) We re-elected Roy Lefavour as Class President; and Jean 
Connolly as Vice President; and elected .Alice Redfearn, Treasurer; and Ed- 
ward Cook, Secretary. In October we dropped a close 7-6 football decision 
to our rival, Melrose. The newI>-organi/.ed Sports Club, uniler the able 
supervision of Supt. Bair and Mr. Crompton, held a Hobo Partv on October 
30, with almost 700 attending. The following month, a large crowd of Sen- 
iors and students enjoyed the annual C^heerleaik-rs' Dance. On \o\ember 
23, not to be outdone by the (Cheerleaders, the Baton I'wirlers also held a 
dance which everyone enjo\ed. On December 3 and 4 e\cryone enjo\ed our 
stage production of the Ghosi Trmn. Much praise was gi\en to the pla\ers; 
the Coach. .Mr. Staunton; and the advisor. Miss .\hbott. 

BEVERLY: I thought I'd die laughing at David Cdbbons' performance. 

JOHN: The rest of the cast certainlv showed outstanding abilitw too. 

JOAN: Boy. did I jump when the light appeared in the window ! 

DICK: (reading) Another large group attendee! the gala Christmas Part\ sj-ion- 
sored by the Sports (Club for the Football team. Then the \ear U)4i) was 
welcomed by the lli->' New ^ ear's 1-ve Part\' in the high school gym. 

On Januar\- 14. the Classbook Staff was elected and quickb went to 
work. ()n Januar\- It the Inter Nos Square Dance was enjoxeil b\ all who 
attended. .And on Tebruarv ^ the best talent of our school gathered to enter- 
tain parents, friends, and fellow stutlents at a Home Talent Night. 

On Feb. 18 the (Classbook went to [iress after six weeks of arduous work 
by the Editorial and Business Staffs. 

On May 14 we held our Senior Prom and last formal get-logelher. And 
May 31, we found (Class Dav had arrixeii before wr realized it. \n<\ the 
climax. Commencement Day on June 3. we greeteil with mingk\l feeliiiiis of 
jov anil regret. With caps, gowns, diplomas, and ;i new leeling ol Iveedom 
and anticipation, it was a day long to remember. 

DKCK: (sighing and i!o<.i)ig bonk) Well, that's that. I et's cat' 

BF\ FRi V: (dreamily) It all seems so far awa\- now on with the food. 

V^W ( 'iU' iiunc.lrt.'ii I'iKlit 

Will of Class of 1949 


We, the 49'ers, of Wakefield High School. tov\n of Wakefield, Count\' of 
Middlesex, being in full and complete possession of our faculties of mind and 
body, do hereby declare and proclaim this document to be our last will and testa- 
ment and do hereby devise, bequeath, and bestow our gifts and possessions in 
the following manner: 

FIRST: The Class Gift. A sack of gold for a class gift to be purchased 
under the direction of Chief Prospector Kinder and the class gift committee, com- 
prising prospectors Paul Cole. George Egan, Lena losua, Da\id Hallahan, Idsie 
Johnson, and Janet Hubbard. 

SECO.ND: To the Facultx' of Wakefield High School, our sincere and deep- 
est appreciation for guiding us through the past years. 

To Mr. Cassano. a list of names of bo\s who loiter on the second floor. 

To Mr. Fulton, a package of "delayed" Lvnnfield bus slips. 

To Miss Caswell, a new set of encyclopedias. 

To .Mr. Barry, a complete set of new .American llistor\' texts. 

To .Miss Hiatt, detectives to help find the missing type books. 

To Mr. Kinder, a set of chains to keep the Seniors in school. 

To Miss Height, a package of hour slips. 

THIRD: To the Junior Class, we leave all our unprepared homework to 
finish next \ear. 

FOL'RTH: To the Sophomore Class, some \itamin tablets for their com- 
ing Junior year. 

FIFITI: To the Freshman Class, all the opportunities we passed both reg- 
ular and irregular. 

Sl.XTH: Individually', we bequeath the following: 
"Pete" Shumwa\'s skiing abilities to N'anc\'. 
Jean Connolly's personalitx' to "Ginnv" .-Xnnichiarico. 
"Betty" Howard's way with bens to jud\- .Mathias. 
Enid Kaler's dimples to "Ginn\" Ricciardelli. 
"Renee" Fazio's clothes to "Jackie" Dohcrty. 
Shirle\' Edward's walk to ".-\nd\" Pratt. 
"X'angie" .McC^abe's wit to .Marion Hickew 
Gordon Gate's height to Ph>llis Kent. 
Paul Cole's shyness with girls to "Richie" .Angelini. 
Doris Dean's singing to Lessie Spinks. 
Claire Surette's giggle to Nanc\' Kitchenman. 
John Day's gift of gab to ".\nd\" .\nderson. 
Ro\- Lefa\-oiir's basketball skill to ".Moose" Moran. 
"Billv" Halloran's hockev skill to his brother "IDon." 
John .Morrison's tardiness to Peggy .McCabe. 

SEVE.NTH: To our fellow classmates the Senior Class wills: 
Roy Serrentino — a flash bow tie. 
"Bud" Johnson — luck in love with Jean ilird. 
Agnes Robbins — a pair of stilts. 
Shirley Edwards — a contract with M. G. M. 
"Ronnie" Hawks — a 1949 Buick. 
Enid Kaler — a loud speaker. 

Larry Ross — a modernized grocery store in the heart of Lvnnfield. 
"Tillie" Swett — a round trip ticket to Florida. 

Page One hundred nine 

Billy Graff and Francis Bowman — a scholarship to some college. 

Lorraine Millett — free access to a wardrobe companv. 

Richard Hammer — Mary Milotte. 

Harry Johnson — a place to talk to "Pinkie" that the teachers can't find. 

John Herlihy — the wrong answer in an exam. 

Robert Hancock — a brakeman's job on the Bangor and .-\roostook Rail- 

(Catherine LeBlanc — a date with Russell Hacker to play duets. 

Patti Morico — a car for Bill. 

Beverly Packard — a job as sneeze specialist on a radio show ad\ertising 
cold pills. 

William Myers — a water-tight argument that will satisfy .Mr. l-ulton. 

LASTLY: We hereby appoint Mr. Kinder, Executor of this, our last Will 
and Testament, which has been drawn up by every prospector as we travel across 
the country in the coxcred wagons, and we hereby revoke all former wills made 
by us. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscribed our names in ihe 
year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fort\-nine. 

(Signed) Phyllis .\llen 
Rita Maher 
John Goodwin 
William Cox 

Faculty Sponsor, Miss ConIe\' 

We whose names are hereto subscribed certifv that on the sixth of February, 
in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred forty-nine, 49'ers, the testa- 
tors, subscribed their names to the testament in our presence and in the presence 
of each of us at the same time, and in our presence and hearing declared the same 
to be their last Will and Testament, and requested us, and each of us. to sign our 
names thereto as witnesses to the executive thereof, which we hereb\' do in the 
presence of the testors and of each another on the saiii date, and right opposite 
our names our respective places of residence. 

(Signed) Alice L. Mason, 12 A\on Street, Wakefield 

Gerard G. Barrv, 70 Somerset .\\enue, W'inthrop 
Eleanor K. Abbott, 17 Pine Hill Circle. Wakefield 

I'agc One luiiuln.'J ten 

Class Prophecy 

TIME: Winter, 1959 

PLACE: An Old Cabin 

At The Head Of Lake Quannapowitt 

Four old sourdoughs are sitting around a stove. "One Eye" Meuse and "Shorty" Roberts 
are playing their annual winter-long game of checkers and "Black Dick" White and "Frenchy" 
Kavmond are warming their feet by the sto\e smoking their old corncobs. There is a 
knock at the door and 'Black Dick" and "Frenchy" both fall out of their chairs as a beau- 
tiful girl enters. She announces herself as L.orrame Millett, ace nt\\s-v\oman for the .Asso- 
ciated Press. She explains that she is mquiring the whereabouts of the "Forty-Niners" so 
that she can write a story about them. The four bewhiskered old gentlemen proceed to 
chip in what they know about the members of the illustrious class of '49, as Miss Millett 
jots down notes. 

Dnk Bennett is now the manager of the I'irst National Store in Wakefield, lie sells 
e\erything from a cueball to a new Cadillac. 

7'cd Hums is a Colonel in the Marines, and has just written a book about Marine Lite 
entitled, "We Are Not Swabbies." 

JuIJic Cook, top publicity man for M. G. M., is vacationing on his yacht in the Carib- 
bean with Lana lurner. Reports say they were married in Haiti by an old \'oodoo Priest. 

Tom I upper is now the manager of the "Rit/.-Carlton." He is packing in the business 
with his new multi-screen technicolor television set. 

('harlu- Dinuildson is married to Oleitta and is rtmning the Trading Post for Oleitta's 
gramlfather's Indian Tribe, the Sioux City Sioux. 

RutJ} l-iloramo is now Wally Fitt's personal secretary for the Fitt Trucking Company. 
Their total assets are one typewriter, one pick-up truck, and no business. 

"Duna" Hicki has again been chosen .Mi-Star Defenseman in the N. II. L. Hi-- st>le 
of play has earned him the nick-name of "Sla^her." 

Frank Luciano has retaineii the World Pool Championship for the fifth straight year. 
He is a professor of kinetic energy at McC^on\ille's College of (aiestick Knowledge. 

Jack Morris was proclaimeil top mone\' winner in the professional golf circuit this year. 

Grace Pastorcllo is personnel manager for the Richard Hale Vitamin Research Labora- 

Pete Shumway is slated to coach the Olympic Ski Team next year. He was unable to 
compete in the National Championships this >ear as the result of a broken leg sustained 
while skiing in his front yard. 

"Bobby" St. Pierre is the top dress designer in the U. S. A. She has gone to Pans to 
get some new inspirations ... or mavbe a new husband. 

/ohn Ventura is the new Commander of the 182nd Infantry Regiment of the National 
Guard. He has made some impro\ements. .After e\ery fne minutes of ilrill. there is a ten 
minute break for a cigarette. 

/)/,■/; White is in llollvwood with his band making a new musical comedy called 'Who 
Put the .Molasses in Elden's Saxophone." 

Barbara Roach, who is now a Conover Model, has just returned fnim lloll\w(>od where 
she is reported to ha\e signed a contract to star in a new technicolor extra\aganza. 

Charlie DeWolf was recentlv chosen as one of the ten best-dressed men in the countr>'. 
He owns the New York nite club. "The Harem." 

Fred .Sias is still collecting dividends from the brainstorm that he had a few years back. 
He installed parking meters at the head of the lake. 

Dick Wharton isn't doing so well in his restaurant since he hiretl Claire Kierstead as 
receptionist. If he fires her. the new Public Health Nurse. (Catherine I.eBlanc. will close him 

Geor'^e Perry and Ihrh Furness are doing a flourishing business as new co-owners and 
chief musicians at the "Sa\-ov Club" in Boston. Their featured singer is none other than 
Barbara Malonson. 

Ronnie Hawkes is still collecting royalties on his book entitled "The Science of Fffectise 
Grocer\' Displays." 

Larry Ross has finallv invested his monev in something other than bowling He is the 
president of the "l.vnnfield Lamp Lighters Electric Co." His secretary is none other than 
our own Mary DiTonno. 

Roy Lefavour. our class president, is the Headmaster of the University of Wakefield. 
He loved school so much that he just had to become a teacher. 

1 he Boston Bruins have just won the Stanley Cup for the fourth consecutive season 
under the capable coaching of former W. H. S. star Phd Sousa. 

Art Loubris has opened a gas station in the north woods of Maine. He savs that h',s 
success depends upon how well his new type of gas will sell. It is yi gas and ^ water, which 
makes it very economical. 

Page One hundred eleven 

Julio Encarnacao has just completed his third year of Pro Football for the Green Bay 
Packers, and Chet Conjalone is a dangerous contender for the middleweight championship 
of the world. If he takes the title, he is going to start boxing men instead (jf women. 

That "Lynnfield Wolf," Tommy Kenney, has finally slowed down — at least a little, lie 
has become a successful lawyer. Tom's competitor, John Callan, has just hired another 
new secretary, Margaret Fuller. 

Margaret Walsh, noted singer, is appearing nightly at the "Skyline Roof," which has 
recently been opened by multi-millionaire Lenny Meuse. 

['angle McCabe. that notorious man-hater, is now a squadron commander in the W.A.F.'s. 

Leslie Todd's business, the Fodd Refrigerator Service, has increased so much recently 
that he has had to have a personal secretary. It's Jean llird. No wonder he dislikes dic- 
tating machines. 

lanet Loster didn't like her name so she changed it to Mrs. Harry Johnson. Fhev li\'e 
in the farming country — Lynnfield. Their neighbor, Bud Johnson, was down to the garage 
recently having his Model A repaired. Fie says he uses it a lot on his farm. () boy, what 
a farmer!! 

Frank Bowman is now a big time jerk — soda that is, and he has his own store too. 

Did you know that Alfred Conjalone inherited the Crystal Crispette Pop Corn Shop? lie 
is now planning a nation-wide chain of popped corn stores. 

Roberta Scrib)ier has a fine position illustrating for Walt Disney Proiiuctions. The cover 
on the latest issue of Donald Duck (Comics was done bv her. 

Dorothy Casey likes her new job . . . "housewife." She has mo\ed south — to Melrose. 

Janice Garrett always had a desire to travel, and she has really started. She left last 
week On a Slow Boat To China. 

Bob Baker is head coach at \'ale now. lie was scrub coach for quite a while. Can't 
keep a good man down. Boh. 

Joe DeRoche has found that all the hacking around at Bear Mill has paid oil. lie has 
just won the National .\mateur Golf Championship. 

Want to kncjw somethingr"? Several of our best known "lo\er ho\s" are li\ing at the 
Lonely Hearts Club; among them are George Fgan, John Gibbons, and Bob I'aiva. .\nd. 
w'ho (.io you think is president of the club? None other than Joe CoTucell! 

Ilollywtjod has claimeil several of our class beauties. Renee Fa^io, .M/leen McGee. Lee 
Smart and (Charlotte L'indlay are known as the Four of Diamonds and base appeared in 
several musicals. 

John Hacker, genial proprietor of "John's Grill" on Route #1, is packing them in e\ery 
night since Skippy Surette opened an open air theater across the street. 

I hat sweet voice you get when you call for your reservation at ,-\merican .\irlines is 
our own .Mary Shaw. Also working for American Airlines is beauteous Connie .-Armstrong. 
She is a stewardess. 

Pete Whiting has made a name for himself since he joined the Boston \iL\\ Sox I lis 
pitching has kept the Sox on top all season. 

/:;//(/ Kater has finally become a very famous columnist. I ler daily articles appear in 
the Lookout every month. 

(Claire Sheldon has become an art teacher. She specializes in drawing c\linders ,\\u\ 

Bruce (Chandler, a prominent lawyer of Boston, has married one of his wealths lad\ 
clients antl he doesn't have to work any more. 

Janet l/iibbard. Wakefiekl's new math teacher, has found a new way of teaching aca)unt- 
ing. She specializes in no homework. 

Phylli<i Allen, who became a famous court stenographer, has married one of the deiend- 
ants. She says he is all of her old boy friends put together, 

Leo Mdoite has found a new way of selling goods, lie lets the customer tr\ on some 
thing which is about five sizes too small: and when the customer can't get it oil she has to 
buy it. 

Tdly S'tcetf has started the new act on water. She and her companion, .-Ir/o/c Lamprey, 
do flips on a surf board. Arlene. who wanted to be an airline rcser\ationist. sa\s that this 
IS the highest she ever gets ofT the grountl. 

Richard Hammer has designed a new building I l;e house looks like a balloon with a 
hole in the middle. When he goes out and slams the door, the house collapses 

Joyce Houlder, who wanted to be a legal secretary, finally has become her boss's wle 

Lillian Blai;; has started the new "Pick-Them-l'p-Cluh," It consists of onh the best 
skaters: they are Dot (^umiiso ami Lorraine DcVeau. and RiUi Diinioiil accompanies them 
on the piano. 

Larry DeAngelis has opened another in his chain of Spaghetti Houses, .\like Roberti^ 
is his chief cook. Mavbe that accounts for the full house at the City Hospital next door 

That smiling Irishman, Dave Hallahan. has been taken into his father's trucking busi- 
ness. He will make the name "I lallahan's F.xpress" famous from coast to coast 

Remember how the kids used to fiock to "Tedd's inn?" Fhe place is now called " I edd's 
Hall." owned and operated by Ted (Francois") Raymond. 'Fhere's no dining and no dancing, 
only Dool and billianls. 

Dottle Nufite deciiled not to he a "maiden lad\" after all' She and her husband are 
s'odooo happv on their "mink " ranch in sduthern .\rizona. 

Page ' )ne huiulreil twehe 

/>Opl^S tBRO 

Page One hundred thirteen 

Remember muscle-man Charlie Stephens/ lie has just been proclaimed the world's 
greatest weight lifter. 

Bob MclVhiiinie owns a store, and it's the only one in town which sells hair curling 
solutions exclusively. 

Jimmy Scott is training lady wrestlers now. He has Johnny LeBlanc working as his 
bod>guard in case one of the women gets too rough. 

Joe Walsh and Midge Landry are honeymooning in Bermuda. Joe wanted to join the 
Marines, but he thinks he is going to like wedded bliss better. 

If you need any second hand parts for your car. take a ride down to "Sully" Sullivan's 
"Antique Yard." Paul Cole works down there, and in his spare time he plays his sax. Sull> 
wonders why Paul doesn't get any work done. 

Because of her height, Jackie Cavanagh has become a model for the "Shapely Model 

Cecil Roberts is one of the famous Rangers in the (jrand Canyon National Park. I le 
lives all alone and has only the birds and the bears to listen to his jokes. 

Lorraine Muse makes personal appearances at the schools demonstrating "Comptometer 

Bob Warchol has become a nationally known Certified Public Accountant, lie has maeie 
so much money that now he devotes all his time to checking his own accounts. 

Roger [I'illianis, who is interested in refrigeration, locked himself inside his own refriger- 
ator recently while attempting to fix it. 

Shirley May L'rit^ has started a new st>le in sweaters. She makes them long enough to 
protect the feet. 

Agnes Robbins now lives on a ranch in Texas where she raises horses. She will soon 
ride her own horse in the Derby. 

Bob Buckley is still hopefullv fishing down on Cape Cod. His picture was in the "Sun- 
day Herald" showing him holding his pri/ewinning three pound Cusk. 

Did you see champ Knrni l-'inney after he capsi/ed in last week's squall? His automatic 
capsize whistle didn't work. 

Have vou heard Spike Jones' new record featuring Jnnime Ri^^a at the piano? 

The Navy has a new atomic weapon, but no one except designer liill l.arkni knows how 
it work.s — and he is not t|uite sure. 

Harl Christopher isn't making any money on his candy bar invention. It is a nine inch 
bar for a nickel, if you have a spare five cent piece, why not buy a "Dentist's Delight " 
caramel ba^ and help F.arl? 

John Herlihy has taken Bob Hope's place as the nation's number one comedian, lli^ 
associate, Dick Borden, writes the hilarious scripts which have made John such a public 

Bill Cox is now operating a guide ser\ice foi hunting parties. His motto is "Don't get 
lost alone; get lost with (]ox." 

Criminal lawyers John Goodivin ami William Miller have put their rates up to 30 per 
cent of the loot. 

Howie Hodsdon has invented a new "dent proof" fender. He hasn't been doing too 
badly since he put them on his car; however, if there is anyone who will crush one of these 
"dent proof" fenders, it will be Howie. 

Bill Schacht. school carpenter, has been asked to repair the bowling alleys aflei the girls 
get through on Tuesday afterno<ins. 

George k'ulac^ is designing a new rocket brake for automobiles. This should 
to "cowboy" John Goddard who is getting tired of buying new grills 

Mr. Tulton has hiretl his own private secretary. Mary Ventura, to make out 

John Adams has taken Mr. Gallop's place as cliemistr\- teacher at W. II. S. J. 
was a good mixer. 

Marjorie l-'lezvelling married a minister from Kansas antl went out there to li\e. To 
her surprise, she found a classmate, Margaret MacQuarrie. had opened a new factory in the 
same town Her specialty is Toastic Oatsie Cereals. To help her advertise her product, 
Margaret has Lvvie Birch, the only roller skater to roll across the country without stopping. 
Fvvie says the cereal did it! Another booster for the cereal is Bernice Butt who says, 
"Tf)astie Oatsies are responsible for my petal-smooth complexion." 

lean Macdovald is in .Arizona making necklaces of snake rattles. She does a clanging 

F.laine Stanley has a business right here in Wakefield. She's a taxidermist She stulls 
most of the animals right in her own ofllce. the okl police station. 

Charlotte Nelson has formed a new band which is similar to Spike Jones' Orchestra. 
There is real talent in it with rhylli'i lYLntremont doing the \i)cals and Barbara DeRocher 
writing all the arrangements. 

Charlotte Doncette sells toothpaste now. With such a prelt\ smile she is sure to he suc- 

Did vou know that Claire Griffin is now Wakefield's first policewoman? Barbara Lield 
is taking up the same work but has not got out on a beat set. She is teaching the cops 
how to twirl their billy clubs. 

A brightly lighted sign on Broadway reads "Shirley luh^ards anti David Gilybon^" in the 

Page Dnc hundreil fourteen 


a help 


P. .M. 



new play — "Love's Dream." It is rumored that David drew all the posters for the play. 

Another successful actress from the Class of '49 is Betty Howard. She is being men- 
tioned for the Academy Award for her performance in "Alone with l,l)UO Men." 

fern Layton is a dentist, and what customers she gets with her ofiices right next door 
to the i-argo Building in South Boston! Her attractive assistant is \orma S. Anderson. 

Janet King's art studio in Boston is a busy place with many celebrities coming in to 
have their portraits done. 

Adeline Ponte is the director of the Boston Branch of The Nation-Wide Baby Sitters 
Association. Albert White is the secretary of this thriving firm. 

We hear now that Matiame Ooo-L.a-La (alias Auielia Capone), the famous editor of 
"Women's Home Journal," has just returned from Paris with her two co-editors, Barbara 
Perkins and Barbara Mackenzie. 

Gordon Gates, our famous strong-armed football player, is now down to something more 
gentle. Gordon now gives lessons in "Tripping the Light I-antastics." 

Barbara McCatg now owns Smith's drug store and sells as her special! v product "Bill>'s 
I5ones Builder," manufactured and produced by Billy Orne. 

Patti Morico can now be seen on everv cover of SH\ LN ILLN as the 'Golden Haired 

Billy llalloran. one of our fast moving hockey players, is now playing for the Boston 
Bruins as the "Bruiser Himself." 

Claire Kulbe is now getting lots of gossip to put in her column, for she works for the 
item Press. Her column runs under the heading of 'Let's Chat .Awhile." 

Janet Morin, the famous hair stylist, is now appearing at the Statler Hotel in Boston. 
She has for her demonstration of the new sidesweep, Gloria Zwicker, who has traveled with 
her for many years. 

Barbara Walsh, the first woman flyer to cross the Atlantic, has retired in 1 ranee because 
she can't make it back. 

Barbara Guttadauro and Rita Maher, two very promising girls in high school, have 
proved themselves, for they now manage the "Sciuirt (]ola C^ompanv." 

Alice Redlearn, executive for the Board of Health, is now giving lectures at all the schools 
in this area. Her subject is ""Keep the Red ("orpuscles .\way from the White Ones." 

Those three outstanding actresses, Lena losna, Lena Roberto, and Mary Testa, will 
appear at the Wakefield Playhouse for one week only in that famous play, ""The I landw rit- 
ing Upon the Wall." 

Jackie Walsh now models her beautiful big blue eyes for Gloria Sampson's famous eye- 
wash product ""Make Um Bigger and Brighter. " 

Claire Siirette, that Queen of Comedy, is now appearing in person at the RKO in Bos- 
ton. She is known 'round the world for her famous saying. ".\h! There's Good Jokes To- 
night! " 

Virginia Melanson and Joan Somers are the two world champion typists. Thev are the 
only ones who can type with only their thumbs. 

Barbara flartlord is now attending all the famous jury trials. She is court reporter at 
the Boston Court I louse. 

Jeanne Andrews, with her arms full of groceries from her daily shopping, is veiling, 
"Open the Door, Richard!" 

Joyce Miller and Joan Woodicard have resigned as efficient stenographers for the Christie 
Company and are planning their double wedding ceremony. 

Jeanne Mauriello, famous radio comedian, has gone to Germany to entertain our sol- 
diers ov er there. 

Doris Dean is now recording artist for "The Creamy Dreamy Record Co." 

Joan Dycyan is head of the .\ccounting Department at Wakefield I'niversity. 

I hat cok)Ssal show ""Ice Queen" now has as its skating star, Rosalie Pasciano. 

Lillian Heath is posing for that famous Paris artist. Robert'leur. 

'Ihe new football coach at WakeTield High is versatile Prank Potino. 

Marion Mackenzie, dress designer for New Look Studios, has among her lovelv models. 
Joan Gianferri. 

After a long day's work as private secretary, Dorothy Perillo can be found spending 
her leisure time sketching. 

lean Pahnerino and Barbara Harris are now efficient stenographers employed bv the 

The big feature at Mechanics Building is William Puller, now wrestling Larry L^ovelv. 

P.lsie Johnson is teaching typing and shorthand at Red River High School. 

Marilyn Graves can be found in the little white cottage humming her favorite song. 

J.orraine Gerry has her hands full now as night supervisor at Maiden City Hospital. 

Louise Dale is a private secretary for a WakefieUl lawyer. 

Phyllii Zelck on her exclusive chicken farm has just written, "The Yolk and I." 

John Day has taken a 10-day cruise to Bermuda on his newly acquired yacht. 

Donald Rollers, now ensign in the L'nited States Naw, has been assigned to the V. S. S. 

Most of our advertising jingles are composed by Donald Van Wagner, employed by the 
"Buy and Try it Company." 

Page (^ne hundred fifteen 

I'ai'i.' One luiiulicil mxIli 

Virginia Wentiel still has her patience. She has just opened her Day Nursery in Green- 

Virginia Damon has been seen carrying books home from the library on '"How to Plan 
a Wedding." 

Mary McCarthy is head typist at Joe's Reducing Salon, owned and operated by Joseph 

Bill LaCombe is now employed by ESQUIRE as Staff Artist. 

Patricia Ryder has just accepted a position as instructor of gymnastics. She says she is 
having more fun than the students. 

I'riscilla Maher has organized a man-hater club and she tells us the club slogan is "iMen, 
Are \'ou Kidding?" 

Mildred Mara was recently awarded a prize winning cup for being the one and only girl 
in Wakefield who ever skipped school and got away with it. 

Martha Fox has finally gi\en the boys a break. She says "Hi" to them occasionall}'. 

Norma H. Anderson has entered her famous horse, " I'iptoe, ' in next year's Steeplechase 
in England. 

jayne > euell has been appointed, by Superintendent of Schools, William Graff, as Woman 
'I'ruant OfTicer. She enjoys her work very much. 

Barbara Swallow took the Women's Golf Crown from Shirley L'rquhart this year. 1 here 
was quite a dispute over it, but as usual, the best one always wins. 

Robert Hancock is on his way to success in making an attempt to get parents to break 
down and give them a raise in allowances, lie has linally con\inced them that things are 
not as they were ten years ago. 

Jean AlcGregor has just finished her book and it is waiting for its first appearance in 
all the leading book stores. The name of the book is "Never Underestimate the Powers 
of a Woman." 

Jean Connolly has written her own formula for a successful high school career. 

Janice Kirk is teaching Algebra at Harsard L ni\ersity and is having a wonderful lime 
with her -X's and Y's. 

Lorraine Alillett. one of our most talenteil hairdressers, is currently designing the coif- 
fures of many of our famous movie stars, .\mong them are Zasu Pitts, Cass Daly, and 
Frankenstein's other wife. 

h'atherine DeVeau. known for her sense of humor, has finally succeeded in taking over 
Miss Clifford's Office Practice Class. 

Madeline Meuse has landed a very interesting job as secretary in Greenwood's largest 
manufacturing concern. 

Do you want longer hair? Ihen see l-lorence Viola. She is well-known in this part of 
the country for her special formula for growing longer hair. 

Marilyn Smallwood is the girl to see if your bones ache. She has guaranteed to give 
you faster relief in twenty-four hours, with her new formula. 

Peggy Curran and Beverly Packard, two of the most efficient women doctors ever to 
leave Wakefield High, have invented the new stitch for closing an appendix wound. "Knit 
two. Pearl two, and Slip one. ' 

Roy Serrentino and Edward (bleary ha\e taken positions as the two top janitors of the 
invisible fifth floor at Wakefield High. 

Joseph l.oughlin has just been appointed manager of the Boston Red Sox. It is rumored 
that his salary increase is so great that he has had to hire Gloria Sampson as his personal 

Page One hundred seventeen 


First Row. Left to Right: Jean Connolly, James Rizza, John Adams. Secretary; Editor. Edward Cook. 
Miss Caswell, Editor Barbara DeRocher, Catherine LeBlanc, Secretary; Bruce Chandler, Lee Smart, 

Fred Sias. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Joyce Miller. Shirley Edwards. Jean MacGregor. Feme Layton, Elaine 
Stanley. Barbara Roach. Barbara Perkins. Phyllis DEntremont. Gloria Zwicker, Lorraine Palmerino, 

Janet Foster. Dorothy Casey. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Barbara Melanson. Jean Andrews. Alice Redfearn, Martha Fox, Barbara 
Guttadauro, Peter Shumway, David Gibbons. Piancis Bowman, Harry Johnson, John Day, Richard 

Hammer. Marion Mackenzie. Janet King. 

Barbara DeRochhr 
Bruce (Chandler 
John Adams 


Editor s-in-C hie f 

E]d\\\ri) (loOK 
Associate Editors 
James I^izza Jean Connolly 


(^^•IHERINE LeBlanc 
Assist a}it Editors 

Francis Bowman 
Joyce Miller 
Gloria Zwicker 
Lee Smart 
Janet Foster 
Martha Fox 
Barbara Guttadauro 

David Gibbons 
Ferne Layton 
Janet King 

FIarold Johnson 
Barbara Roach 
Elaine Stanley 
Ferne Layton 
Jean Palmerino 
John Herlihy 
Barbara Perkins 
Shirley Ft^wards 
The Adviser, Miss Bernice L. Caswell 
Chairman: Fred Sias 

Priscilla Swett 
Roberta Scribner 
Barbara i\L\i.onson 
Marion Mackenzie 
Edward Ci.eary 
The Adviser, Miss Isabel .^L Hirst 

PaRC (^ne huinlroJ eighteen 

Jean MacCjregor 
David Gibbons 
Richard Hammer 
Peter Shumway 
John Day 

Phyllis DT:ntre.mont 
Dorothy (^asey 

Alice Redeearn 
Jean .\ndrews 



Alice Redfearn 

Robert Baker 

Lawrence DeAngelis 
Lawrence Ross 
Joan Somers 
\\'iLLiAM Miller 
Jean Mird 

Norma E. Anderson 
Norma S. Anderson 
Doris Dean 
Katherine De\'eau 
(Charlotte Doucette 
Barbara Fields 
Ruth Filoramo 

George Perry 


Robert W'archol 

Grace Pastorello 
Shirley L'rqlhart 
Charlotte Findlay 
Herbert Furness 
William Graff 
David FIallahan 

The Typists 
Charlotte Findlay 
Janet Foster 
Frank Fotino 
Richard I Iale 
Barbara McCaig 


Michael Roberto 

Roy Serrentino 
Leslie Todd 
Joan \\ oodward 
Rita Dlmont 
Charles DeW'olf 

Donald Van Wagner 
.nl^rgaret .\l\c0uarrie 
.\L\ry McCarthy 
Lorraine Mlse 
James Scott 


Jayne "^'euell 

Miss Florence Clifford Miss Rlth IIiatt 

Miss Bern ice L. Cxswell, Adviser 


Firbt Row. Left to Right: Norma Anderson. Jean Hird. Lorraine Muse. Mary McCarthy. George Perry, 

Alice Redfearn. Margaret MacQuarrie. Janet Foster, Charlotte Doucette. Ruth Filoramo. 
Second Row, Left to Right: Grace Pastorello. Shirley Urquhart. Barbara McCaig. Michael Roberto, David 
Hallahan, Thomas Kenney, Herbert Furness, Leslie Todd. Donald Van Wagner, Charlotte Findlay, Joan 

Woodward. Barbara Field. 

Third Row, Left to Right: Franklin Fotino. Robert Warchol. Lawrence DeAngelis, Roy Serrentino, 

Robert Baker, Lawrence Ross, Richard Hale, William Graff, Charles DeWolf, William Miller. 

Page One hundred nineteen 




l-'age Oiu- liuiiilictl twenty 

Our Advertisers 

AAA Triple A Laundry 

Alfred's Men's Shop 

American Legion, Corp. Harry E. 

Nelson, No. 63 
Armstrong Sign Company 
.'Xyer's Market 
Beliveau Shop 
BernS Studio 
Blanch ard Awning Co. 
Bowser Co. 

Brenner's Children's Shop 
Burrill, Perley 

Capitol Motor Transportation Co. 
Carleton, I Ienry 
Casper, S., k Son 
Catalog's Drug Store 
Charles Steak House 
Classen Bros., Inc. 
Colonial Spa 

Converse Rubber Co.mpany 
Crystal Crispette Co. 
Crystal Ice Cream Parlor 
Curley Grain Co. 
Duggan, John 
Dunbar. Fran 
Durant Motor Sales 
Durkin's ALarket 
Elite Shoe Store 
Elk Spring Beverage Co. 
Elliott's Jewelry- Store 

Evans, L. B.. Son Co. 
Frankel, Moses ]\L 
Goodwin's Clam Shoppe 
Greenwood Diner 
Greenwood Phar.macy 
Greenwood Public Market 
Greenwood Supreme .\L\rket 

Harmen's .Motor Clinic 
I Ierrick Buick, Inc. 
Hickey, Thomas 
Hogg, Wilton P. 
LIokie's Garage 
Inter Nos Club 
Item Press 

Johnson's Dress Shop 
Kahn's Store 



Ken Rose Motors 

Kerr, George 

King Cole Donut Shop 

Lewis, E. R., & Son 

LiNDQUisT Conservatories. Inc. 

Lindsay's Shoe Store 

Locke. H. S., & Son Co. 


Lykum Mfg. Company 

Main Street Chevrolet Co. 

Majorettes, The 

Malden Business School 

Massachusetts School of 

.Melanson, John E., & Son 
Minahan Drug Store 
Naborhood Spa, The 
O'Connor's Men's Shop 
Paine's. Inc. 

Parr's. Dick. Esso Station 
Pat's White Rock Station 
Paul's Food Shop 
Poole's Service Station 
Pop Corn Shop 
Porter Lu.mber Co.mpany 
Poeton, Josiah 
Read and White 
F^andall, Helen 
Ralph's .\Larket 
Richards, Joseph. Studio 
Rizza Bros. 
Rockery Restaurant 
Rogers. G. W.. Electrical Co. 
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Sheraton Cafeteria 
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Student Council, 1048-1040 
Tony's Beauty Salon 
ToTH Florist 
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Wakefield Teachers' Club 
Wakefield Trust Co. 
Whitney's. Bill, Orchestra 


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Page One hundred twenty-one 

In the Long Run 

of (1;iss 
of 1!)4!) 

lo All 
W. !l. S. 




X * 'I' ;iii(l your friends 
will i)i-ize the ])()ftrait that looks like you — your 

ti'uesl self, free fi'oni staLi'c efl'ects and little conceits. 

11 is in this ■"louij nin" pliotoiirapliy that l'ui-d\ 
success has lieeii won. 

I'oi't rait lire by the cainei'a that one cannot hiuyh. 
at oi- ci-y ovei' in latei' years. 

Foi' pi-esent pleasure and future pride pi-otect your 
plioloiiraphic self liy having I'urtly make tiie 

Page One iiiini.lrei.1 t\\ent.\-t\vo 

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the Class of 1949 

All Work Done on the Premises 

All Work Guaranteed 


Next to the Light Department 

Paae One hundred tvsentv-fiNe 

Youi guide to the best in Men's Slippers 



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807 Marbridge Bldg. 
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Boston Office 

The Rice Building 
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Chicago Office 

1816 Republic Bldg. 
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Los Angeles Office 

1109 Haas Building 
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to the 

Class of 1949 





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Medical Technology 


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Techniciucs. Metlical Secretary 

Oiu' and 1 uo-Y ear Courses 

Liniitetl linrollment — Veterans' Proj^rains, 

('o-ecl. Placement, ('ertilicate, 

(Clinical 'rrainiiifj 

Graduates l-.mploymeul ni I li>\[)ilals, 
Clinics and Medical Offiees 


Lie. by the Comm. of Mass., Dept. of Educ. 

240 Beacon Street 


Telephone KE 6-4211 


"Tlic lUisiiiess School Xear Home" 


Medical Secretarial 



Office Machines 

Civil Service 

Veterans' Courses 


Day or Evening Courses 
Free Placement 

Dowling Building Maiden Sq. 

MA Iden 2-0256 


Save Systematically 


Finance Your House 





Pa{;e One hnniired t\\ent\-eiglit 







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John E. Durant Phone CR 9-2444 


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Class of 1949 


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The Most Beautiful 

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Best Wishes 

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Transportation Co., Inc. 

Everett, Mass. 

Safe Dependable Service 


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CLASS OF 1949 

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Maiden, Mass. 

Topsy's Chicken Coop 


For the Best in Southern Fried Chicken 
and Chips 

Also Specializing in Steaks, Sea Food and 
Fried Clams 

Visit our Snack Bar for a Lunch; Ranch 

Room for Dinner, or Curb Service for 

Orders to Take Out. 

Call Saugus 8-0914 for reservations 

Open Friday and Saturday Evenings 

until 2:00 A. M. Every Other 

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from Kennedy's Undergrad 
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majors in comfort and fine 



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Children's Shop 

Boys', Girls' and Infants' 

382 Main Street 

Wakefield, Mass. 
CRystal !)-()!) IS 

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Gulf Service Station 





S. Casper and Son 

Metal, Rags and Paper 
4 New Salem Street CR 9-0653 

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to RENT 


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William Blaiidiard Co., 


Wakefield, Massachusetts 

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398 Main Street Tel. OR 9-1 42« 

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426-428 Main Street 


for the 



Sporting Clothes 



Compliments of 


Demonstration Farm 
Lynnfield Center Mass. 



Frozen Foods Delicatessen 

1147 Main Street Melrose, Mass. 

Best Wishes 


Bowser & Co. 




Toward the purchase of any 

television set priced over .$200 

15 Brands to choose from 

Open until 9:30 eveninofs 

Perley Burrill 

906 Salem Street Lynnfield, Mass. 



Real Estate & Iiisuranee 

Ford's Real Estate Agency 
174 Haven Street RE 2-1494 

Reading Insurance Agency 
174 Haven Street RE 2-1494 

Wilton P. Hogg 
784 Main Street, Greenwood CR 9-1540 

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CR 9-2562 



Where delicious coffee and home cooked 
food is served 

George A. Economou, Pro. 





Main and Oak Streets 

CR. 9-0562 Wakefield, Mass. 







Elizabeth A. Beliveau, Prop. 


Lobster — Steak — Chicken 

Shore Dinners 


Smith's Drug Store 






Esther — Bill Lindsay 


Alfred A. Minahan, Reg. Ph. 


CR 9-0351 


LYnn 3-5430 




Opposite High School 

Graduation Watches Diamond Rings 

Friendship Rings 

Best wishes to the 
Class of 1949 





CRystal 9-1339-M 

Page One hundred thirtv-five 




to the 
Class of 1949 














Teacher of Modern Piano Playing 


All ages 10-70 10 A. M.-IO P. M. 




188 Main Street ST oneham 6-1595 

Next to TEDD'S INN 


Home-Made Candies 


A. L. Reynolds, Pharmacist 

CR 9-1838 








C. J. Parker, Prop. 


CR 9-2062-W 




I'.ifjc OiK' hundred thirty-MX 

Crystal Ice Cream Parlor 

512-514 Main Street, Wakefield 




John P. Duggan, Ph.G. 


TEL. LY nn 5-9208 




Tel. CR 9-04I6-M 16 Cedar Street 










LY 5-9728 LY 3-0426 


"Pat" Lloyd, Prop. 

LYNNFIELD LY nn 3-3386 

Ljooci cJLtich 






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LEARN beauty culture 

bjAHN steady income 


♦ Moderate Tuition 

♦ Convenient payment terms 

* Day ■ evening ■ part-time classes 

* GI Approved 

*vVtiU . . loaau jot out zataloquc anJ 

comhiett injoirnation 

673 Boylston Street - 125 Tremont Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 
34 Central Square Lynn, Massachusetts 



l^age One luintlred tliirt> eijilit 



It is a privilege to express our gratitude to those persons who have aided us 
in our prospecting days, particularly to the following: Miss Isabel Hirst of the 
Art Department; .Mr. Fred Sias for his cover; our class photographer. Purd\-; 
the BernS Studio for use of football cut; Mr. Edward .\. Rich of the Item Press 
for willing assistance; Mr. James E. Fairweather of the Back Ba\- Electrotype 
and Engra\ing Companx'; our able txpists and their supervisors. Aliss Florence 
Clifford and Miss Ruth Hiatt; our Business Staff; and .Miss Bernice L. Caswell, 
our general adviser. 

Editors: Barbara DeRocher, Edward Cook 


To Our Advertisers, whose cooperation with us has made possible the publi- 
cation of this Book, we extend our sincere thanks for their efforts in our behalf. 

Business Managers: .\lice Redfearn, George Perry 

Ottr Attn^ Success - 
Ottr Hope^ To Wtn^ 


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